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Holocaust Exhibit and Panel Discussion at St. John's University

Diocese Brooklyn
April 06, 2022

Holocaust Exhibit and Panel Discussion at St. John's University
ROME, ITALY. Little metal bronze memorial plaques on the ground for victims taken into concentration camps from their homes. Photo: Photo Tomek

St. John’s University and the interfaith nonprofit Pave the Way will sponsor a unique exhibit and panel discussion at the Queens Campus of St. John’s later today, Wednesday, April 6 beginning at 4 p.m.

A replica of the exhibit Museum of Memory, Assisi 1943-44 Good Triumphs Over Evil, a Light in the Darkness of the Holocaust depicts the story of 300 Jewish people who found refuge from the Holocaust in the Italian city of Assisi and will be available for viewing at 4 p.m. at the campus’ DeAngelo Center, Room 406.

A roundtable discussion begins at 5:30 p.m.; the discussion will also be live-streamed on the St. John’s website, www.stjohns.edu

The exhibit comes to the University at a time when thousands of Ukrainians are fleeing their native country amid its war with Russia.

“This initiative recalls a great page of light that shone in a dark period of history, but also tells the world that good can and must triumph over evil, as happened in Assisi when the Jews were hidden and saved,” said Archbishop Domenico Sorrentino of Assisi, whose residence, the Sanctuary of the Renunciation, houses the original.

Joseph Sciame, Vice President, Office of Community Relations at St. John’s, will moderate the discussion. Panelists include Elizabeth Bettina, author of It Happened in Italy: Untold Stories of How the People of Italy Defied the Horrors of the Holocaust; Johan Ickx, professor and archivist, historical archives of the Vatican Secretary of State; Gary Krupp, president of the Pave the Way Foundation; and Archbishop Domenico Sorrentino, Bishop of Assisi-Nocera Umbra-Gualdo Tadino in Italy.