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Pulaski Day Parade 2024 in New York City

June 01, 2024

Pulaski Day Parade 2024 in New York City

The 87th Annual Pulaski Day Parade, a significant event in our community, will see tens of thousands of participants on Sunday, October 6, 2024.

Mostly, they will be Polish-Americans and Poles from the Quad-State area. Still, they will represent the diverse community called the United States of America, which comprises all of us… all ethnic groups, every person who has dreams, and all those who wish to pursue them. They will be marchers and spectators; they will be young and old and every age in between; they will be members of marching bands and polka bands; they will be military and civil servants; they will be singers and dancers; and they will be proud as they participate in the most prominent manifestation of Polonia’s culture and accomplishments.

Marchers and watchers alike will pay tribute to the memory of General Casimir Pulaski, a man who believed in freedom for all, a hero of two countries. They will honor Count Pulaski, the Polish patriot who fought to defend his beloved Poland against Tsarist Russia’s oppression and aggression. They will acknowledge the great sacrifice of General Pulaski, who responded to the invitation of Benjamin Franklin when they met in Paris and came to America to volunteer his services to General Washington as a cavalry officer to aid the American colonies’ struggle for freedom. In 1779, the heroic Pulaski was mortally wounded in the Battle of Savannah and died two days later at the young age of 32.

General Pulaski truly deserves the title of “Father of the American Cavalry.” In the spirit of devotion and dedication to the ideals of American freedom, which Generals Pulaski and Kosciuszko shared with our Founding Fathers, the theme of this year’s Parade is "For Freedom Is Measured by Crosses."

Our Mass Liturgy is at 9:00 AM in St. Patrick's Cathedral on Fifth Avenue, and our breakfast follows at 10:15 AM at the 3 West Club.

I want to express my sincere gratitude to our Grand Marshal, the Honorable Piotr Praszkowicz from the State of New York, who has distinguished Polonia. May God continue to bless the United States and Poland. We pray that all nations will someday experience the freedom that gave the immigrant Poles the ability to thrive and contribute to the greatness of the United States of America.

President Richard Zawisny