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A Book Talk with dr Eva Hoffman Jedruch via Zoom and in Person at the Graduate Center, CUNY

Pilsudski Institute of America, New York
January 30, 2023

A Book Talk with dr Eva Hoffman Jedruch via Zoom and in Person at the Graduate Center, CUNY
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We invite you for a book talk with dr Eva Hoffman Jedruch, on February 10th (Friday) from 12.30pm - 2pm via Zoom and in person in room 5203 at the Graduate Center, CUNY.

Register to attend virtually: https://gc-cuny-edu.zoom.us/.../tZwrdO2pqTsiH9yLUfSAnRB..

or RSVP to attend in person to eusc@gc.cuny.edu.

The author will give a talk about her book: "Crossing the Bridges. Across the Steppes of Asia, to London’s Doodlebugs. One Woman’s Wartime Odyssey".

The book is a memoir based on one woman’s story. Zofia Neuhoff’s life spanned the most significant shifts in Europe's history of the twentieth century. Three great empires, Prussian, Russian, and Austrian, that ruled for centuries disintegrated into several independent states in mere five years of the First World War. Her life reflected these historical changes and became an inspiring tale of challenges, adaptations, and survival. Suddenly, as the world is being shaken by a new geopolitical upheaval, Zofia’s story becomes relevant after eighty years. It is said that history repeats itself.
This talk is co-sponsored by the Pilsudski Institute of America.

The Graduate Center, CUNY
365 Fifth Avenue, room 5203
New York, NY 10016

CUNY attendees must show proof of vaccination by presenting a valid CUNY Access Pass through the CLEARED4 health validation platform upon entry. Non-CUNY visitors must show proof of vaccination or negative test. See the full Building Entry Policy for more information.

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