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The KF 85th Annual Fundraising Dinner & Ball in New York. Stand with Ukraine

Marek Skulimowski, Alex Storożyński
March 08, 2022

The KF 85th Annual Fundraising Dinner & Ball in New York. Stand with Ukraine

Saturday, April 23rd 22 at The Plaza Hotel, NYC. All proceeds from the Ball will help Ukrainian refugees in Poland.


Our namesake's motto was "For Your Freedom & Ours." Kosciuszko stood for liberty for all. Our Founder Stephen Mizwa from Southeastern Poland near Ukraine echoed these sentiments in establishing our Foundation in New York.

Our primary mission will always be education and culture, but in times of despair, we must help those in pain. Russia is bombing homes and killing civilians in Ukraine. More than 200,000 refugees fleeing for their lives have already crossed the border into Poland. Many more desperate women and children are right behind them. They need housing, food, clothing, etc.

That is why this year's Kosciuszko Foundation ball proceeds will be donated to assist them. The Kosciuszko Foundation has also established a separate fund to accept donations to help our Slavic brothers in their time of need.

KF President Marek Skulimowski has offered his own home and those of his neighbors to refugees coming across. The money we raise will go directly into the hands of women and children who are escaping the bombing.

This is not the first time the Kosciuszko Foundation is taking such action. During WWII, when Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia bombed Poland and imprisoned its people, the KF Board of Trustees acted to: "Give aid in those cases where the need is greatest."

Today we follow the vision of our founders.

Albert Einstein, a Kosciuszko Foundation guest, once said: "The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, because of those who look on and do nothing."

And so we stand with Ukraine.

I am pleased to announce that Agnieszka Holland, a world-renowned, Oscar-nominated Polish film director, who directed the movie "Mr. Jones" about the Holodomor genocide against Ukrainians by Russia, will receive the Foundation's Medal of Recognition. During the Ball, we will also present the KF Pioneer Award to the acclaimed film and theater director Lech Majewski. We are grateful to the Foundation's long-time friends and generous supporters, KF Trustee Hanna Chroboczek Kelker, Ph.D., and Norman E. Kelker, Ph.D., for serving as the Ball Chairmen.

I ask you to support us in raising funds for the Ukrainian refugees fleeing now to Poland. You can do it by attending the Ball, expressing your solidarity with our Ukrainian brothers and sisters by placing greetings or advertisements in the Ball Journal, and most of all by making a donation that provides immediate assistance to those in desperate need of help. Enclosed, please find event details, including sponsorship opportunities.


With gratitude and kindest regards,


Alex Storozynki

Chairman of the KF Board of Trustees



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