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X International Chopin & Friends Festival

04 listopada, 2008

X International Chopin & Friends Festival Sunday, November 9, at 6 pm, Polish and Slavic Center

Janusz Skowron was born in Poland where he studied Fine Arts at University UMCS in Lublin and received a Master Degree in Lithography in 1983 from Professor D. Kolwzan- Nowicka. In 1978 he co-founded the “KONT Gallery” and in 2006 SHTOOKA Gallery. Since 1989 Janusz has been living and working in New York City. He is a member of “Emotionalism Art Group” (from 1999), “The Polish Artists Association”, “The Polish Institute of Arts & Sciences of America” (PIASA), and “New Century Artists”. He took part in more than a hundred exhibitions, displaying his works in Poland, Hungary, USA, South Korea, China, France, Denmark and Germany. Janusz does painting, drawing and graphic arts. Since 2001 his illustrations have been published by the New York magazine Kurier Plus. ”. He was curator of several exhibitions and promoter of Polish Art in America.
“Photography for me is a spontaneous registration of a „micro-landscape”. A fascinating snapshot of nature with a camera lens. They are photo-sketches of nature, which I find with delight beyond the four walls of my painting studio” – Janusz Skowron, 2008
Arthur Skowron is a Polish-American artist living in NYC. He studied at New York’s High School of Art & Design, graduating as valedictorian of art. He has received a B.A. in fine arts from Queens College. Arthur has displayed his work in nine solo exhibits and over three dozen group shows. He holds several art awards, including the Alexander Medal, the Ralph Sansone Scholarship, and the PSC Scholarship. His work has been published in Utopia Pkwy., Magazine Art, and Super Express USA, amongst others. Arthur is a member of the Emotionalism Art Group. He does painting, printmaking, and black & white photography.
“… his work stands out with daring expression. His sense of color is outstanding, and his drawing technique could easily be the envy of many artists.” - Lubomir Tomaszewski   
“Arthur puts an accomplished realist technique, enlivened by an unusual textural richness, to the service of a deeply private vision… a cinematic sense of narrative with a succulent painterliness.” -Jeannie McCormack, Gallery and Studio 2005

Janusz Skowron
“My Landscapes in Photographs”
Arthur Skowron
“Beyond the Frame: Paintings and Prints”
Concert by: Santi Debriano Jazz Group
Tickets: Free
Location: Polish Slavic Center, 177 Kent Street, Brooklyn,
New York 11222, (b/w Manhattan Ave & McGuinness Blvd)