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Polish IT sector is gradually improving - Do IT with Poland

16 marca, 2013

Polish IT sector is gradually improving - Do IT with Poland

Qualified employees, high quality of provided services, innovativeness, dynamic growth, and economic competitiveness are distinctive features of the Polish IT/ICT sector. The aforementioned factors are also beneficial for gradual improvement of the branch of industry, which are also attractive for foreign investors, looking for business partners in Poland. Polish entrepreneurs agree that this is the best moment for introducing Polish services and products connected with the IT/ICT industry to foreign markets. It will be possible thanks to support of the Ministry of Economy, which unites Polish enterprises under the collective name of the Brands of Polish Economy and promotes them on international markets.

Globalization of the IT/ICT market and systematic shifting of production-oriented undertakings to Asia and Middle and Eastern European countries are crucial trends of the last decade, influencing Poland as the ICT solutions’ producer directly. Moreover, the Polish market can be characterized by increasing demand on IT and telecommunication technologies. Between 1996 and 2008, Polish ICT-related export increased by 28% per year, and Poland has become a country of professionals in the field of consumer electronics, production of custom software, electronic games, as well as mobile solutions. Constant undertakings to improve the telecommunication law, simplify procedures of acquiring financial sources for IT systems introduction, implement IT-related skills in the education process, and simplify investments based on development of IT and telecommunication-related infrastructure have led to Polish citizens being more active when it comes to social media than average Europeans. Moreover, indicators concerning eGovernment services utilization among entrepreneurs in Poland are higher than the European average level.

Throughout years, Polish scientists have been achieving significant successes, changing the face of the IT-related fields of industry. Polish engineers have taken part in the obtaining of single crystals of silicon processes, and the material is nowadays used in a widespread manner to produce microprocessors. Moreover, they have partaken in numerous surveys, which made it possible to develop the Blu-ray technology. Additionally, they designed the famous K-202 computer. Today, Polish IT professionals, programmers, and IT/ICT experts follow these practices, representing Poland abroad. Polish students are leaders of prestigious competitions, such as Top Coder, Microsoft Imagine Cup, and Google Code Jam, winning approximately 60 percent of all awards every year and creating a firm foundation for the Polish IT sector development.

Polish entrepreneurs, being leaders in the industry, are able to recognize the prospects for development of the branch and do not forget about its separate sectors, developing research-based undertakings, outsourcing, as well as servicing activities in the same time. Poland is increasingly improving as a perfect spot for localization of research and development centers, as well as software development startups, especially while comparing it with other countries of the region. Majority of IT projects has been carried out for following sectors: health protection, telecommunication, finances, as well as armament and automotive fields of industry. A growing number of companies specializing in electronic games production support the two-digit growth pace. What is more, the sector of companies hiring employees for realization of particular tasks for a set period of time, as well as employing entire designing teams is increasing dynamically. It is believed to grow 20 % per year.

Poles working in the ICT sector are becoming more open to cooperation with foreign customers and IT industry representatives, offering them the highest quality of products and services. They also support improvement of Polish economy, which is based on knowledge and experience of qualified professionals, united under the collective name of the Brand of Polish Economy and supported by the IT/ICT Business Promotion Program funded from EU funds under the Innovative Economy Operational Programme. The aim of the IT/ICT BPP is creation of new Polish brands, which will be recognizable all over the world and connected with their place of origin. The IT/ICT Business Promotion Program’s promotional undertakings will be organized in Poland, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Brazil, Japan, and the USA. All interested entrepreneurs can familiarize with details concerning the program by visiting the www.poland-it.pl website.