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The Key Man in Bayern Munich vs Real Madrid: Thiago Alcantara

Michael Skok     31 marca, 2017

The Key Man in Bayern Munich vs Real Madrid: Thiago Alcantara

For what many to believe the tie of the round, current holders Real Madrid will face against fellow favorites Bayern Munich in the quarter finals of the Champions League. In a matchup that will feature stars from back to front from both sides, there is possibly one player that can make all in the difference; Thiago Alcantara.

For this season, the Spaniard has become a revelation across Europe; and what many believe to be the best midfielder currently. Of course, he must go against his fellow competitors for that title in Toni Kroos and Luka Modric. Thiago has been a machine this season, both offensively and defensively; currently holding the most interceptions across Europe’s top flights this season.

Thus, it will be up to him, along with Xabi Alonso; to clean up any sort of passes that the opposing German and Croatian midfielders would attempt to break Bayern’s water tight midfield and back line. His record of interceptions can be key in this aspect. Unlike previous seasons, it is unsure which side will have more of the possession; but as is usually the key in these close encounters; it will be the turnovers that will matter the most in these situations.

From Thiago, he can break Madrid’s possession and can find that killer pass to Lewandowski or Robben; both of whom are experts in playing the offside trap. His elusiveness in possession as well can be proven handy, as he has the close control in midfield that only few can possess. Thiago can choose to pass early or to hold on the ball for several more seconds to ensure the rest of the team is in position to attack Madrid’s goal.

While Xabi Alonso will be holding and Vidal will provide a physical presence, it will be Thiago that is responsible for making defense into attack. If he has a strong game, expect Bayern to have one as well.

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