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Three Reasons why Gareth Bale will move to Manchester United

28 marca, 2015

by Michael Skok.

It’s becoming a very real possibility that Gareth Bale, the Welshman from Real Madrid, can return to the British Premier League after plying his trade for two seasons in Spain. He has already won the Champions League and the Copa Del Rey, playing significant parts in both competitions. However, following his clash with Real Madrid fans after the defeat to El Classico, perhaps it is high time for the Welsh Wizard to return where he made his name. Manchester United is the team that has been mentioned in connection with a possible transfer for the winger. This transfer would make sense for a number of reasons.

1. EPL Suits Gareth Bale More
Gareth Bale, for all his talents, isn’t the most technically gifted player in the world. Teams in La Liga are aware that his main strengths are his pace and shooting ability, and thus have been able to, for a lot of the time, to negate the Welshman space to run onto and to shoot from. He would have more freedom, like he had at Spurs, to use his pace and power to cause the opposition plenty of problems. If he were to replicate his form that he displayed at Tottenham.

2. He would be the Main Man at Manchester United
It’s no secret that Cristiano Ronaldo is the talisman at Real Madrid, much of the play goes through the Portuguese winger. This can surely play an impact on Gareth Bale’s overall play, since he himself lends a similar style to how Cristiano Ronaldo plays. Of course, he even had to accommodate his position as a right-winger when he himself plays on the opposite side of the wing. At a club like Manchester United, there would be few to challenge that left wing position. Of course, Di Maria himself can play in that position, but has shown in the past with his ability to play across the pitch if need be. Gareth Bale would surely be the star man and maximize his impact in a united shirt.

3. Manchester United would have a Marquee Signing
The last point is more of a business plus rather than a footballing one. With Adidas signing the most lucrative kit deal in world football so far, there is much speculation whether or not a signing with the name recognition of Gareth Bale would be ideal for shirt sales for both club and company. It would certainly continue the massive spending United have done recently, and it would be on a player who has the potential global super status that many clubs crave for. This deal would send waves across the footballing world, and would further confirm Manchester United’s status as a superpower in the sport.

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