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Is the Premier League the best League in Europe?

01 marca, 2015

After a week that saw Manchester City and Arsenal on the brink against Barcelona and Monaco, where both Liverpool and Tottenham were eliminated in the Premier League by Besiktas and Fiorentina, questions have risen about whether or not that whether the Premier League is indeed the best league in Europe.

Following the mega TV deal for the Premier League, it seemed to have reinforced the notion that the Premier League is the best football league in the world. However, following poor performances in Europe, there certainly is no indicator that the Premier League host the best clubs currently in Europe.

Manchester City, who arguably were very lucky to pass the group stages in the Champions League, were simply dominated by a superb Barcelona side. Arsenal were comfortably beaten by the 4th place side in Ligue 1. Tottenham and Liverpool were dumped out by modest competition in Besiktas and Fiorentina.

Certainly, the race for the Champions League spots, or Top Four in the league, hasn’t been this competitive for a very long time. While Chelsea and Manchester City fight for the trophy itself; Arsenal, Manchester United, Southampton, Liverpool, and Tottenham have all more or less a chance to fill out the 3rd or 4th spot to enter Europe’s illusive competition for next season. The competition is certainly there. We have also seen plenty of upsets as well, including the likes of Stoke City beating Manchester City at the Etihad, Swansea City performing the league double over Manchester United, Newcastle beating Chelsea, Burnley holding both Chelsea and Manchester City at Stamford Bridge and the Etihad, among a host of other results.

In the end, it is what the viewer defines as the “best league.” In terms of quality, the EPL still has plenty to prove, while in terms of competition, it is up there with the best.

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