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Marco Reus: Ranking the best Suitors

17 stycznia, 2015

by Michael Skok.

Marco Reus is the latest talent from Borussia Dortmund that is making the rounds throughout the footballing world. Perhaps the most sought after German talent in world football right now, there is no doubt a huge host of clubs from Europe’s elite are attempting to pursue his signature. With Dortmund’s decrepit league form, a relatively cheap 25 million euro payout clause, and the certain wage-upgrade if he were to move; there is a plethora of reasons to which is fuelling his departure from Borussia Dortmund. These are perhaps the most likely clubs that will be boosting the German in their ranks in the near future.

5. Arsenal

Why: Relatively low buyout clause, Recent Purchases, Other German talents at Arsenal

Why not: Plethora of attacking midfield options, Competition from other clubs, Not the strongest chance for trophies

With Arsene Wenger’s recent splurge on the likes of Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil, and with Arsenal’s name connected with Reus, it isn’t far off the mark to suggest that the Gunner’s will acquire another attacking midfielder. With the likes of Mertesacker and Ozil already at the club, surely players that could put in a good word for the London clubs, Marco Reus won’t need much convincing to come to the red side of London.

The problem is that Arsenal won’t be the only club in the running for Reus’ signature, and with names such as Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, and Chelsea in the mix, these are the clubs that can offer Reus the same as Arsenal, and perhaps much more. A higher wage packet is certainly promised, as well as a high chance for winning trophies, as indicated by the recent successes of these clubs. What’s more, Arsenal already has the likes of Mesut Ozil, Santi Cazorla, Alexis Sanchez, Theo Walcott, and Alex Oxlade- Chamberlain in the attacking midfield ranks. Wenger certainly has more pressing issues to address before looking at Reus as a potential purchase.

4. Real Madrid

Why: Relatively low buyout clause, Recent purchases, Other German talents at Real Madrid, High Chance for trophies

Why not: Fiercest Competition in Reus’ position, Recent Denials by Agent and Club

Real Madrid has a knack for purchasing the hottest names in European football, what with the recent purchases with Gareth Bale and James Rodriguez. Fiorentino Perez, the current Madrid president has made it no secret that he would be willing to purchase players, regardless if the player may seem surplus to requirements. With the recent purchase of Toni Kroos as well, Madrid may be looking for a talented German contingent in their ranks, with Reus certainly being the cream of the crop in said talent. Real Madrid could pay the German whatever he wants, as well as being a certain destination where trophies are won.

As it stands, however, Real Madrid already boosts a stacked offensive unit that would prove very difficult for Reus to crack. It is almost certain that one of Ronaldo, James, or Bale would have to accept a rotation role with the German, whereas they are certain starters at this point in time. These would not be the easiest players for Reus to compete with either. What’s more, Dirk Hebel, Marco Reus’ agent, also quashed rumors recently, stating that any such move is “blatant nonsense.”

3. Borussia Dortmund

Why: Affection for the club, Can achieve a unique status with club

Why not: Current league status, Strong offers from elsewhere

Of course, Marco Reus could choose to stay at the club where he achieved his international fame. For sure he is the most treasured asset in Dortmund’s ranks, and can achieve a certain status. Whereas the likes of Robert Lewandowski, Mario Goetze, Shinji Kagawa, and Nuri Sahin have either gone and left, or gone and returned, Marco Reus could be the consistent talisman in the side. Although Dortmund have a current dreadful league form, it is still not impossible for the club to retain their Champions League places in the Bundesliga, being a manageable 12 points off fourth place halfway through the season. Marco Reus himself can spark that comeback.

Of course, once you take the Romanticism out of the equation, it becomes difficult for one to suggest Reus to stay at Dortmund. While Dortmund, with their increase in wealth (due to Champions League Campaigns/ further sponsorship deals) could tie down Reus as a number one star, it would be extremely difficult to outspend the other aforementioned suitors. What’s more is that it isn’t guaranteed that the club can get out of their league slump, as their recent performances have been lacking.

2. Chelsea

Why: Relatively low buyout clause, High Chance for trophies, High Wage Deal

Why not: Competition for Position

Like Arsenal, the Blues of London would be a highly enticing proposition for the attacking midfielder. With Chelsea having severely strengthened the past transfer window, Jose Mourinho has made a strong statement that the Blues are in contention with the best to compete for silverware. Currently leading the Premier League table, the Blues are in a strong position to be successful this season. Chelsea would also certainly be able to pay the German whatever he wishes, having a strong stance with Fifa Fair Play, and having a great amount of wealth at their disposal. There is not much that realistically puts Reus off from joining the Blues.

Competition would be fierce however for his position. Although not as strong as competition for Arsenal and Real Madrid, Chelsea would certainly have to offload one of Willian or Andre Schuerlle to make room for current Dortmund star. However, Jose Mourinho would certainly be willing to do so if that would be the case.

1. Bayern Munich

Why: Relatively low buyout clause, High Chance for trophies, High Wage Deal, German familiarity, Mario Goetze and Robert Lewandowski

Why not: Self Image

Finally, perhaps the strongest frontrunner for Marco Reus’ signature would be Bayern Munich. It has all the makings for another Bayern Munich transfer. A shrewd price, a talented German, and a replacement for an aging Frank Ribery would be an ideal move for the club itself to move for Reus. Reus himself wouldn’t have to deal with a culture change and would still be part of the league has become quite familiar with. He can play with most of the German core that he currently plays with in the national team, week in, week out. Also the likes of Robert Lewandowski and Mario Goetze (in particular) have strong friendships with the attacking midfielder, who would certainly be used to put in a good word for Bayern with the German international. This is almost a match made in heaven, except…

Does Marco Reus want to risk his self-image with Dortmund fans and international fans across the world? The controversies with Mario Goetze and Robert Lewandowski could be enough to perturb him from following their paths to the reigning German champions.

Marco Reus will be one of football’s highest commodities come the Summer 2015 transfer window. There will be many vying for his signature, with the winner almost certainly having secured one of the best footballers for many years to come.

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