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"Sax Love" New Urbaniak CD For Lovers Only! Happy Valentine's Day!

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“Sax Love”, album in stores now, is a Valentine present from Michal Urbaniak to all in love.

“Sax Love”, album in stores now, is a Valentine present from Michal Urbaniak to all in love. While ago preview of part of this album was
added by the millions to News Daily. Adorators of Michal Urbaniak wrote e-mail and letters with questions as to when can they buy the
album and where… “Sax Love” is an album for those in love, with an awesome vibe, creates a chill weekend atmosphere. All the
compositions, beautiful and moody, written by Michal who has lived in New York for the last thirty years. “There I get neverending
inspiration for my compositions . New York plays and writes for me”.

01. Love Away - M.Urbaniak (Ubx/UrbaniakMusic)
02. Moonlight - M.Urbaniak (Ubx/UrbaniakMusic)
03. Horny - M.Urbaniak (Ubx/UrbaniakMusic)
04. Sunshine - M.Urbaniak (Ubx/UrbaniakMusic)
05. Ptak - M.Urbaniak (Ubx/UrbaniakMusic)
06. I Just Love You - M.Urbaniak (Ubx/UrbaniakMusic)
07. Moon Love - M.Urbaniak (Ubx/UrbaniakMusic)
08. Bossonoga - M.Urbaniak (Ubx/UrbaniakMusic)
09. You Love Once - M.Urbaniak (Ubx/UrbaniakMusic)
10. Satin Lady - M.Urbaniak (Ubx/UrbaniakMusic)
11. Wonder Love - M.Urbaniak (Ubx/UrbaniakMusic)
12. Blue Ave - M.Urbaniak (Ubx/UrbaniakMusic)
13. Together Again - M.Urbaniak (Ubx/UrbaniakMusic)
14. Rosemary’s Baby Christopher Komeda (Universal Music)

Michal Urbaniak- One of the most famous Polish Jazz musicians in the world. Violinist, saxophonist, composer, arranger and discoverer of new young talents. From 1973 lives in New York. He recorded on one of the most famous recorded albums in the world, “Tutu” with the legend Miles Davis. He has collaborated with the likes of: Quincy Jones, Billy Cobham, Stephane Grappelli, Joe Zawinul, Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Kenny Garrett, George Benson , Marcus Miller, Jaco Pastorius, Toots Thielmans, Kenny Kirkland, Larry Coryell, Lennie White, Alphonze Mouzon. He’s a creator a leader, composer, arranger on projects such as: Jazz Legends”, „Fusion”, „Urbanator”,
„Urbanizer”, „UrbSymphony”. Winner of the Grand Prix Montreaux Festival for best solo artist. He preformed at the most important
Jazz festivals of the world: Newprt Jazz Festival, JVC Jazz Festival, Chicago Jazz Festival, Lugano, Den Haag and others. He’s preformed at Carnegie Hall, Avery Fisher Hall and other world renown clubs such as: Blue Note, Village Vanguard, Sweet Basil…e.t.c. He was awarded first place in five categories in “Down Beat” in 1992, chosen amongst the best players of the world. For many years, Micahl has been making music for theatre and movie soundtracks. He’s composed music for movies such as; “Astonished, “As the Band Played On”, “Dreambird” (in the U.S.) Farewell to Autumn” M.TreliĹ„skiego, „Spona” W.Szarka, „ Debt” i „Great Things” K.Krauze (in Poland). He won the main award in Gdynia Film Festival for his music to “Debt”, “Farewell to Autumn”, and “Eden”. Michal Has recoded over sixty albums throughout his career.

More info: http://www.urbaniak.com