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2nd Annual Pisanki Workshop

The Polish Institute of Culture & Research at Orchard Lake is hosting the 2nd Annual Pisanki Workshop on Saturday, March 16. The event will take place on the campus of the Orchard Lake Schools and will offer three instructor-led workshops teaching participants the art of creating traditional Polish Pisanki Easter eggs using the wax-resist method.

There are limited spots available for the workshops, so it is recommended to reserve your seat quickly. The fee for the workshop is $30 per adult and $15 per child (up to 18 years old) and includes your egg and kit supplies. The workshop is designed to accommodate all skill levels, and participants will be led through each process step by skilled instructor Iwona Jędrzejczak.

The earliest Pisanki Easter eggs are said to date back to the 10th century, and the technique is still widely used today. In this workshop, participants will be taught the wax-resist method, which involves using a special pen to apply liquid wax on the egg in a drawn design of their choosing before placing it in a colorant. Traditional Polish colorants are made of plant origins: onion peels for red, rye sprouts for green, beetroot for pink, and apple tree bark for yellow. The eggs are then heated to remove the wax and reveal the special surprise – a fabulous, hand-crafted Polish Pisanka Easter egg to adorn an Easter basket, a table, or give as a gift.

The workshop is scheduled for three sessions, with the first two already sold out. The 6:00 PM workshop still has spots available, and you can reserve your seat by calling (248) 836-1284. Free parking is available behind the Dining Hall and in the maillot adjacent to the Archdiocesan Shrine of St. John Paul II.

For more information about the workshop, visit the Polish Institute of Culture & Research website at https://picrol.org/.