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Opłatek is a Valuable Christmas Gift for Poles

The opłatek shared at the Wigilia table and sent to family and friends worldwide is one of the most treasured gifts of Christmas for Poles everywhere.

It is a gift of love and a reminder of the bonds of family and community and the blood and culture that tie us together as Poles and God's children. The opłatek carries the promise that the friendship and love we share will continue to unite us. The ancient wish, “May we meet at this table again next year,” is offered as we break the opłatek, embodies the obligation we pledge to each other at this sacred time.

We at Piast will, as we have in the past, continue to tell the Polish story, ancient and modern, and defend and promote the brilliant culture out of which it is born. We have done much with what you gave us, but much more is yet to be done.

Your past gifts have supported our lectures and publications, which have helped awaken many to the richness of Polish culture and the incredible contributions Poles everywhere have made to the world. Piast Institute will only celebrate its 20th anniversary this year with your support.

Your generous gift at this time will ensure that the Wigilia and the Opłatek, together with the entire rich legacy of Poland, do not perish from the hearts of future generations.

Bóg Zapłać
Wesołych Świąt Bożego Narodzenia i Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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