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Spotkanie dotyczące zmian na Greenpoincie. Keep McGuinness Moving: Preserve the Traffic Lanes Currently Present and "Make McGuinness Safe"

Keep Mcguinness Moving     14 czerwca, 2023

Spotkanie dotyczące zmian na Greenpoincie. Keep McGuinness Moving: Preserve the Traffic Lanes Currently Present and "Make McGuinness Safe"

Przypomnienie o spotkaniu w sprawie zmiany zasad ruchu drogowego na McGuinness Blvd. Sending out a friendly reminder for The McGuinness Blvd. Town Hall meeting with the DOT that will be held at 9:00am on June 15, 2023 at 279 Monitor Street - Stage 27

The meeting will promptly begin at 9:00am. Please remember to arrive starting at 8:20am to check in OR register in advance by visiting this link: McGuinness Town Hall Registration

Parking will be available across the street from the facility; a photo is attached. Please disregard the red permit notices as you will be allowed to park for the duration of the meeting.


Thanks to our collective efforts, we have received an overwhelming response of support from the community. As of now, we have gathered:

  • Over 231 opposition statements signed by businesses, representing over 8,000 jobs. 
  • 222 signed opposition statements from residents 
  • 2,656 signatures on the online action network petition (Keep McGuinness Moving Petition)
  • 817 signatures on the change.org petition (Change.org KMM Petition)
  • 3,473 signature in total

Supported by:

  • Polish Business Merchants Association
  • Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce
  • IATSE Local 52 - 4,500 members
  • Teamsters Local 817 - 2,500 members

Please remember to sign the opposition statement and petition by visiting Keep McGuinness Moving

These numbers are a testament to the strong support and shared belief in the importance of preserving all four traffic lanes and parking while advocating for safety improvements along McGuinness Blvd.

The community has raised several concerns regarding the proposed road diet, such as:

  • The lack of involvement of local businesses in the decision-making process, causing frustration and a sense of exclusion. Over 1,066 acres of land in Greenpoint and Williamsburg comprise the North Brooklyn Industrial Business Zone.
  • Negative impacts on businesses, including reduced access to parking and deliveries, as well as increased traffic congestion.
  • Diversion of traffic to nearby residential streets, making conditions very hazardous for seniors, children, and the disabled.
  • The lack of proper communication and outreach by the Department of Transportation, leaving many residents and businesses unaware of the project until recently.
  • The potential environmental impact of the road diet, such as increased congestion and idling vehicles, needs to be thoroughly evaluated.
  • Mcguinness Blvd is a coastal evacuation route.
  • Delayed emergency response times, for emergency vehicles especially the Fire Department of New York (FDNY) who made over 8,200 firehouse runs out of the Greenpoint stations in 2022.

McGuinness Boulevard serves as a major artery that connects Greenpoint and East Williamsburg to Long Island City, as well as to the BQE, LIE, Midtown Tunnel, etc. McGuinness is also noted as a designated truck route by the DOT. We are looking for additional /alternative solutions that will promote safety while maintaining functionality of the truck route that serves our growing community of Greenpoint as well its surrounding communities. Our goal is to ensure that the final plan for McGuinness Blvd. is inclusive of and beneficial to the entire community. 

See you on Thursday! - Bright & Early