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Wojciech Cypko in New York Exhibition

02 sierpnia, 2006

Wojciech Cypko in New York Exhibition

The Collective Exhibition: Contemporary Art at its Best runs August 25 - September 16 in Agora Gallery's SoHo location at 415 West Broadway. The reception will be held on Thursday, August 31 from 6 - 8 PM. Admittance is open to the public and free of charge.

The work of Wojciech Cypko possesses a stark elegance and an understated aesthetic that beautifully compliments the feeling of modern loneliness and isolation conveyed in his paintings. Cypko's figures seem to exist outside of time, in permanent waiting. He paints his figures on the brink of action or reaction. Placed off to the side physically in the paintings, the viewer understands that metaphorically the human drama of the painting is being marginalized to make way for the graphic dominance of the modern world. However inaccessible these figures appear to be, Cypko still manages to seduce his viewers by his clean lines and muted color. His sense of balance in these paintings is flawless; the viewer feels privileged to see the world through this artist's unique perspective. Wojciech Cypko has exhibited his work widely throughout Europe. Originally from Poland, he lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

Click here to view Cypko's work: