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July Specials are Here at Piast Deli in New Jersey!

Piast Meats and Provisions
July 03, 2024

July Specials are Here at Piast Deli in New Jersey!

As we gear up to celebrate the 4th of July and bask in the great outdoors with our loved ones, we are absolutely thrilled to introduce our newest addition: the BBQ Chicken Kielbasa.

This delightful option for the grill is not only leaner but also a healthier choice, with the perfect blend of wood-smoked flavors. Additionally, our homemade Beef Hamburgers are meticulously ground fresh on our premises and can be enjoyed in their classic form or stuffed with a delectable combination of cheese or bits of smoked kielbasa.

Furthermore, we are delighted to announce a special promotion on our renowned Blackforest Ham. This offering showcases a smaller boneless cut of freshly smoked pork, filled with the rich flavors our customers have come to know and love. Lastly, we invite you to take advantage of our limited-time offer on Edam Rycki Cheese, our best-selling yellow cheese imported from Poland.

We hope you thoroughly enjoy these offerings and have a fantastic 4th of July celebration!

Piast Meats and Provisions

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800 River Drive
Garfield, NJ

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