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May and Memorial Day Sale at Piast Meats & Provisions

Piast Meats and Provisions
May 08, 2024

May and Memorial Day Sale at Piast Meats & Provisions

Hello there! We are thrilled to announce our May grilling specials, which we're sure will tantalize your taste buds. Our team has curated a delectable menu that caters to even the most discerning palates. Whether you prefer succulent cheese, juicy ham, or grilled kielbasa, our May grilling specials have something for everyone. So, come and celebrate the season with us and indulge in the delicious treats we have prepared especially for you!

BBQ Cheese Kielbasa

Our seasonal BBQ Cheese Kielbasa is back! It comes stuffed with thick American cheese that oozes out, making it a real crowd-pleaser. These naturally smoked links are made with ground pork, salt, pepper, marjoram, and allspice.

Cottage Ham

This boneless pork neck is cured, cooked, and smoked to perfection. It's known as the "beef brisket" of pork because of its perfectly marbled fat content, which makes it perfect for sandwiches!

Marinated Pork Neck

Our pork neck is butcher-cut and freshly marinated in a blend of oil, herbs, and spices, making it melt-in-your-mouth tender and perfect for grilling, searing, or roasting!

Podlaski Cheese

This month, we're featuring imported yellow Podlaski Cheese, which goes great with everything! It has a delicate, slightly tart flavor that characterizes this famous Polish cheese.

Piast Meats and Provisions

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