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Piast Meats & Provisions in NJ. Complete Thanksgiving Menu

Piast Meats and Provisions
November 20, 2021

Piast Meats & Provisions in NJ. Complete Thanksgiving Menu
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If you've tried our famous Thanksgiving turkeys in the past, you know amazingly juicy and tasty they are! That's because we marinate them in our homemade brine for hours before we roast them. That way it they are packed with flavor and juices.

Have you tried our new homemade Turkey Kielbasa? Made from 100% turkey with spices and dried parsley flakes...delicious! We also have a wonderful whole Turkey Breast filet that is marinated and smoked to perfection. Our bakery features a new creamy fall Pumpkin Cheesecake, and The Castle has a special on flavored Jim Beam whiskeys for those cold fall evenings!

Piast Meats and Provisions

Deli, Groceries

800 River Drive
Garfield, NJ

tel: Click phone# to call 973-340-4722 and tell them you found their ad in Polish Pages