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Eurpean Roof and Gutter Systems
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In the last 10 years, metal roofing adoption is been on the rise; however, quality metal roofing systems lack affordability and are still perceived as premium/luxury products. BILKA USA’s mission is to offer a high-quality metal roofing solution at a very reasonable price.

BILKA USA was established in 2019 when it started a close collaboration with BILKA STEEL, one of the premier metal roofing manufacturers from Europe, with the purpose of bringing some of the most popular roofing systems from Europe to the United States. These products are known for their high quality, long life expectancy (60+ years), budget friendliness, resistance to severe weather events, great aesthetics, superior thermal performance and full recyclability.

The roofing systems we are proposing to the American public was introduced in Sweden in the 1950s and quickly spread across Europe over the following decades (currently there are millions of homes in Europe covered by these roofs). This is a mature roofing system which stood the test of time and gained the reputation of providing trouble free performance over very long period of time.