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English as a Second Language (ESL) Studies at ASA College‎ in New York

ASA College‎     10 listopada, 2019

English as a Second Language (ESL) Studies at ASA College‎ in New York

Instruction in English as a Second Language (ESL) has been one of the longest standing and most important elements of ASA’s pedagogical, educational history. It serves as the backbone of Basic English literacy. The ESL program at ASA College offers the multi-cultural, immigrant student body an opportunity for intensive language immersion, emphasizing the importance of the practical use of English.

ASA’s ESL students are engaged in a course of study, which aims to enhance many aspects of the student’s life. The areas in which a student’s life may be impacted include other academic environments, social environments, and professional/work environments.

In order for students to meet the highest possible levels of English proficiency, the remediation program in ESL consists of five intensive levels. Student progress is consistently and accurately assessed through testing at the appropriate level of proficiency.

The ESL course offerings feature curricula created specifically to meet the academic needs of ASA’s diverse student body. These courses particularly focus on articulation and literacy. Students with a greater need for immersion may initially be enrolled into level “A” and level “B” subjects. More advanced students will be placed in higher levels (C, D, or E).

Students are placed at particular levels based on proficiency. This proficiency is determined by testing. Students are evaluated by instructors who appropriately distribute grades indicating learning and growth.

Grading components include: grammar, oral communication, and reading, writing, and integrated language skills. In cases where any of the required components have not been met; students are required to repeat the course. However, in a particular case of a student’s non-progress and demonstration of the inability to perform at a satisfactory level in three or more curriculum components, dismissal from the course will be issued.

The overall scores of the exams measure the appropriate levels of ESL placement with the following restriction: students must complete all subsequent levels of ESL before they are permitted to take English Composition I.

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