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Degree Programs at ASA College in New York - Enroll for the Fall 2019 Semester

ASA College     October 09, 2019

Degree Programs at ASA College in New York - Enroll for the Fall 2019 Semester

ASA College specializes in offering degree programs that balance traditional academic preparation with professional training and hands-on experience.

With a “career-first” focus that allows students to immediately begin study in the chosen major, our programs are designed to deliver the type of knowledge and skills employers are looking for.

Although ASA’s degree curriculum are defined in terms of four semesters over sixteen months, ASA recognizes that students have many responsibilities and/or work hours.

ASA understands these circumstances and encourages students to seek advisement in order to ensure that each student may progress through his or her curriculum in a time frame that responds best to his/her individual work or personal situation. There is no penalty for taking longer than the sixteen months to complete a degree.

ASA offers both Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS) and Associate in Applied Sciences (AAS) programs. The degree programs are listed below:

ASA offers the following degree programs:

Business  Administration
Computer Programming
Network Administration & Security
Criminal Justice
Paralegal Studies
Massage Therapy
Medical Assisting
Medical Billing & Coding
Pharmacy Technology
Health Information Technology
Healthcare Office Administration

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