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Jubilee of Polonez America: "Celebrating Progress!" - CEO Bartosz Madera

Polonez America - Paczki do Polski, Kontenery, Pojazdy
June 19, 2024

Jubilee of Polonez America: "Celebrating Progress!" - CEO Bartosz Madera
We are constantly cooperating with new agents and implementing new services - says Bartosz Madera, general director of Polonez America. Photo: Polonez America

Celebrating the anniversary of Polonez America in its new iteration, we reflect on what has been achieved this year and share our vision for development and plans for the future. Speaking about all this is Polonez America's CEO, Bartosz Madera.

How is Polonez America faring in the market?

Celebrating the first anniversary of Polonez America in its new form, I am delighted to report that over this year, we have delivered nearly one hundred thousand packages, connecting Polish families in the USA with their loved ones in Poland and worldwide. This translates into thousands of satisfied customers in the United States and Poland. We achieved this success through the dedication of our team and a solid operational foundation. We are genuinely proud of this. Our growth and expansion continue as we collaborate with new agents and introduce new services - we eagerly anticipate more successes.

What happened to Polonez Parcel Service?

Polonez Parcel Service (PPS) was established in 1980. Over 30 years, it grew into a powerful brand recognized worldwide. In 2017, PPS was acquired by a private equity investor. The company continued operations but could not meet its financial obligations, abruptly ceasing operations in March 2023. As a result, all team members were immediately relieved of their duties. Cargo transport also suffered; 18 sea containers with around 12,000 packages and numerous commercial goods were stranded at the port of Hamburg.

Success would not be possible without the involvement of the entire team, which supports both clients and agents on a daily basis and tries to make the service as smooth as possible. Photo: Polonez America

In April 2023, the International Logistics Group Meest learned of this tragic situation and intervened. Meest acquired the assets of Polonez Parcel Service, including the Polonez brands (along with Doma Export and International Package Shipping). Subsequently, Meest formed a new independent company named Polonez America.

Polonez America was officially registered in April 2024. No liabilities, debts, or contracts of Polonez Parcel Service were transferred to the new company. All indebtedness of Polonez Parcel Service remained with PPS and is unrelated to Polonez America.

However, despite Polonez America not having any obligations to PPS customers whose packages were stuck in unpaid containers, the company voluntarily decided to help and deliver these shipments at its own expense - which was substantial. Nearly one million dollars was spent to release the containers and deliver the packages to recipients.

Polonez America was not obligated to spend this amount, and from the beginning, it was clear that recovering these costs would be impractical. Nonetheless, it was simply the right thing to do.

Eighteen containers containing approximately 12,000 packages were successfully delivered to their recipients. Additionally, Polonez America reached out to employees affected by PPS's closure and offered them positions in the newly established company.

Is there a chance of a similar situation recurring?

Not. I want to dispel doubts or concerns; we are confident in our infrastructure and market position. Since early 2024, we have partnered with 28 new agents and continuously opened new locations. Our goal is to provide seamless and convenient package shipping from anywhere in the USA. Hence, we launched an online service allowing packages to be sent directly from any location using a smartphone. Our customers can send their parcels online via our website, and a courier will pick them up from their home at a convenient time and deliver them to our warehouse for shipment to Poland. Polonez America is now more vital than ever before.

Over the past year, Polonez America delivered almost one hundred thousand parcels. The company's main warehouse and logistics center is Port Reading, New Jersey. Photo: Polonez America

Is Polonez America a Ukrainian company?

Polonez America is part of the Meest Global Logistics Group, established by the international company Meest Corporation Inc. in Toronto, Canada, in 1989. Meest operates offices in the USA, Canada, China, UK, Italy, Spain, Ukraine, Poland, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia, and many other countries - totaling over 30 offices worldwide. The shipping network includes brands such as Meest-America Inc., Meest Corporation, Meest International, Meest Post, and Meest Polska, half of which are based in Poland. Meest Group oversees more than 50 entities, all independently operated companies. Polonez America remains a Polish brand with Polish leadership and employees. Our US office is located in Port Reading, NJ, and we collaborate with a broad network of partners in Poland and globally.

What does this mean for Polish customers? What are the benefits of Polonez America operating under Meest Global Logistics Group?

Being part of Meest Global Logistics Group ensures the highest quality of service, providing customers with confidence that their shipments will be handled according to international standards of quality and reliability. The synergy of global management and financing resources provides risk assurance. Leveraging the knowledge and stability offered by Meest Global Logistics Group, Polonez America can provide additional support and security to its customers. We actively implement technological innovations that simplify the parcel-sending and tracking process. Moreover, collaboration with Polonez offers access to over 50 delivery destinations, continually expanding to connect Polish families worldwide.

What services do you provide?

Polonez America handles shipping from the USA to Poland and 50 other countries. We deliver packages, vehicles, commercial goods, and entire households. For Polish nationals relocating from the USA to Poland, we offer tailored assistance for household goods, ensuring convenient and secure relocation transport. Our shipping services include affordable sea shipments with a delivery time of up to 5 weeks and fast air deliveries within five days. We also provide flexible container rental options.

In addition to comprehensive parcel shipping solutions, we offer convenient online services. Our e-commerce platform enables customers in Poland to shop seamlessly from US online stores and have their orders efficiently delivered directly to their homes.

Our online shipping service ensures hassle-free door-to-door delivery for customers in the United States. Whether a single document or a large cargo, our dedicated team strives to provide personalized care and reliable service at every stage. Whatever is needed to send a parcel - we handle it.

What is Polonez America's philosophy?

In today's rapidly changing world, where distance often separates people, Polonez America bridges worlds. Directly from our customers' homes to Poland or 50 other countries - we deliver packages and maintain bonds between people, bringing them joy and creating valuable memories. Our mission is to earn our customers' trust through honesty and professionalism, delivering services of the highest quality at the lowest cost. We maintain honest and open relationships with our customers and agents. Our employees are always eager to assist with parcel dispatch and answer any questions.

What are Polonez America's plans for further development?

We are excited to expand the market by opening many new agencies. If you are a business owner reading this article, we invite you to become our partner. We continuously innovate and develop our services to meet the changing needs of our customers and agents. We invest in developing processes, IT systems, and customer service initiatives to ensure that every interaction with our company is seamless and efficient for our customers and agents.

We welcome everyone to visit our main office and warehouse at 600 Markley Street, Port Reading, NJ 07064, where we can arrange a tour to showcase our facilities and operations. We also have ambitious goals to increase the number of delivery countries to 200 and plan to start shipping packages from Poland to the USA by the end of this year, enabling a two-way connection with Polish customers.

Our commitment to development, innovation, and customer satisfaction underscores our dedication to delivering top-quality services in every aspect of our business operations. This year, we are preparing many innovations. I encourage you to follow Polonez America's social media to stay updated and visit our website, www.polonezamerica.com

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