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Art Contest Polish-American Bridge Gala

18 marca, 2010

Art Contest Polish-American Bridge Gala

Thursday, March 25th, 7:30PM, Consulate General of Poland, 233 Madison Ave & 37 Street.

To be a part of this Energized Event means to get on a fast track to immerse yourself in what “Polish” represents in character, beauty and history, as Americans should come to know. Soaking in a Mix of incredible landscapes with pristine mountains and undulating quilted valleys, dotted with wood shingled log chalets.  Trekking through virgin forest and dipping into the fresh cold stream, one can discover the unique taste of wild strawberries with hand’s reach. Those are just some of the stories you are getting first hand from Zosia, Nicholas, Kinga, Olek, and everybody else at De Lamar Mansion Gala. You would not like to miss the target for funky snacks and Zobrovka, “the one with the grass”, a favorite Polish hot drink. This event is a wonderful way to support teenage artists, who aim to break their way to win the wildest ever Arts Camp, heading this Summer to Poland. Do not forget to question Jan Kapusta, the Artistic Judge and an inventor of the great K-Dron puzzle (better than Rubik’s cube).
It is our pleasure to host our Guest of Honor, Ms. Rita Cosby, best selling author and CBS Special Correspondent.
Honorary Patron:
Hon. Ewa Junczyk-Ziomecka, Consul General of the Republic of Poland; 

Honorary Committee:
Witold Karwowski, Arch., Arteco & Design Restoration Corp.;
Marek Lyzwinski, M Arch. Eng., Baltimex & Southern Winds Aviation;
President; Jerzy Lesniak, RA, President, Nowodworski Foundation.
Main Sponsor: Polish-American Business Club.
Raffle tickets can be purchased at the door. So get ready for a unique trip and show up at De Lamar Mansion, 233 Madison Ave & 37 St. NYC, on Thursday night 3/25/2010 at 7:30 PM. Plenty of easy parking around. Free admission.
Any questions? Please contact The Nowodworski Foundation PR team:
e-mail Kinga Lesniak, Exhibit Curator, e-mail: kinga.lesniak@gmail.com
Please RSVP before 3/23 by e-mail to:

Consul General of the Republic of Poland in New York - www.polishconsulateny.org
Polish-American Business Club - www.pabc.biz
ADAMBA Imports International, Inc - www.adamba.com
Arteco & Design Restoration Corp. - www.artecorestoration.com
AJ Greenwich Contrating, Inc - www.ajgreenwich.com
Dr. Stanley Sliwowski
K-Dron Universe, Inc - www.k-dron.com
AA Baltimex, Inc - www.baltimex.com
Doma Export Co Inc - www.domaexport.com
Ms. Anna Stepien
Belvedere Bridge Enterprises, Inc. - www.nybridge.com
STEBCO, Inc. - www.stebco.com
VALOR Trading, LLC
Kurier Plus - www.kurierplus.com
Polish Pages - www.poland.us