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Will, estate planning and asset protection in NJ - Natalia Teper Mecenas Natalia Teper z NJ

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If you feel that it is time to plan for your own and your family's future, talk to an estate planning attorney to see how you can protect your rights and interests. A lot of questions and concerns can arise during the estate planning process, and we can be there for you to give you the information you need and guide you every step of the way. Our friendly and professional office staff will be attentive to your every need. Contact us to set up a consultation.

Will, estate planning and asset protection in NJ - Natalia Teper

 Traditionally, "estate planning" and "asset protection" have been associated with wealth. As such, many still think that only the wealthy need to worry about their estate plannign needs. The truth is that almost everyone can benefit from having an estate plan. 

   Doing it yourself using cheap software packages or just leaving it up to chance, is risky when you are trying to protect your family. But estate planning involves more than just passing along assets, it provides protection to your family from confusion and vicious arguments over who gets what and when, if you become incapacitated or when you die. It als helps your family avoid costly probate fees and ensures that your wishes are carried out the way you intended.

   One very important reason to use our estate planning services is to provide for your children in case of untimely death. You can designate a caregiver for your children rather than have the court appoint a guardian.   Another reason is to communicate your wishes for receiving health care, should you become incapacitated. A health care proxy, or living will, lets your family know what measures to take in case of extreme illness or injury. Expressing your thoughts in a clear, written document, you make it easier on your family members to make difficult decisions for you, and removes potentially conflicting opinions of relatives, who may "think" they know what you would want.

     Let us not forget that poor asset planning can have significant tax impact. We welcome the opportunity to talk with you and to discuss how we may be of service. The confidentiality and privacy of your communications is guaranteed and protected by law.

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When calling this company, please reference POLISH PAGES.


When calling this company, please reference POLISH PAGES.

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