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Right Solutions for Any Borrowing Need

28 marca, 2014

You have goals. You borrow money to reach those goals. And as a credit union member, you can take advantage of low interest rate loans that your credit union offers.

What are common reasons for borrowing money?
Home improvements, for one. You may decide to renovate your kitchen, add a deck, or landscape your yard. Or, you may need to borrow money to pay for a wedding, finance an automobile, or start a small business.
What’s the right loan?

The desire to improve - whether it’s your home or some other aspect of your life - is why United Poles Federal Credit Union has Personal Loans for any good purpose. If you’re a homeowner, another source of funds - particularly for home improvement projects - may be the equity in your home. Tapping home equity is convenient and may offer tax advantages. Whatever your need may, we have plenty of options.

Responsible borrowing No matter what type of loan, borrow responsibly.
To prevent financial difficulties, manage debt and spending wisely; borrow within your means; create and stick with a spending plan that takes into account all your financial obligations; and consider the increasing prices of gasoline, utilities, and groceries.
Finally, ask yourself the following question: How much can I realistically afford to spend on loan payments and still live within my means?
Life happens, so borrow responsibly. Call us today at 800-333-7713, visit your most convenient branch or visit www.UnitedPolesFCU.com to help secure the right loan to realize all your financial goals.


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