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Martinez (Everton), Rodgers (Liverpool) and Pulis (Crystal Palace):

28 kwietnia, 2014

Top Three Candidates for PL Manager of the Season Award

Roberto Martinez (Everton)
Coming off from a 2-0 win over a woeful Manchester United on Sunday, Roberto Martinez and his men have only further secured to becoming the latest Premier League “revelation team” for the 2013 – 2014 season. Like Michael Laudrap’s Swansea and Alan Pardew’s New castle before Roberto’s Everton, these teams have captured the attention of the BPL through fantastic football and equally fantastic results. Having beaten the likes of Arsenal, Manchester United, and Chelsea, Everton has shown that their bid for top four is a warranted one. Although recent losses to Crystal Palace and Southampton have all but surrendered Champions League football to Arsenal, Roberto Martinez and Everton has certainly been seen as a welcome change so far from David Moyes and his midtable security. Look for Everton to reinforce over the summer and to further push for top four, regardless if they fall short this season in what was a remarkable season for them.

Tony Pulis (Crystal Palace)
The newly promoted London outfit were one of the dead favorites to be relegated at midseason. However enter Tony Pulis, the ex Stoke City Manager, and the Londoners went on a spectacular run that included defeating the likes of Chelsea and Everton which has all but secured their place in the English top flight for next season. Transferring his practicability from Stoke City, Crystal Palace instantly became much more resilient and difficult to break down. He has brought a calmness and sense of security to a club that looked certain to go down after a very dismal first half of the season. Vital wins against West Ham, Cardiff, and Aston Villa (while conceding a grand total of 0 goals in all three matches) has also given that required consistency needed in order to survive in the Premier League. Tony Pulis has given Palace a second chance for next season.

Brendan Rogers (Liverpool)
Champions League football was the sole objective for the Reds coming into the 2013-2014 season. Ask any Liverpool fan preseason and they would undoubtedly only require that 4th place finish in order to call it a successful season. Now, with only a handful games to spare, Rogers looks set to lead Liverpool to their first ever Premier League triumph ever. Under him, Suarez and Sturridge have become one of the most feared strike forces in Europe, Sterling has evolved into a fantastic forward, and Gerrard into a fantastic deep lying midfielder. Wins against Arsenal, United, Tottenham, and Manchester City have only boosted their claim for the title. The football has also been mesmerizing to watch, mixing the trickery of Suarez and Coutinho with the pace of Sterling and Sturridge into one of the deadliest counter attacks in Club football. Whatever happens, this season would certainly be one to remember for any Liverpool fan.

Michael Skok
Soccer Commentator