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Doma Export: Christmas Parcels Shipping from USA to Poland and Other Countries in Europe

Doma Export     26 Listopad, 2019

Deadlines for 2019 Holiday Season. Make sure your package arrives on time!

100% guarantee delivery

  • Premium Express to Poland - DECEMBER 12
  • Premium Standard to Poland - DECEMBER 10
  • Premium Standard to other EU countries - DECEMBER 5
  • Food and gift baskets to Poland - DECEMBER 13
  • Economy Express to Poland - NOVEMBER 22 or NOVEMBER 29 (80% guarantee)
  • Economy Standard to Poland - NOVEMBER 7
  • Economy Standard to other EU countries - NOVEMBER 7

For vehicle shipping, full containers or resettlement, please see an agent or call us.

Doma Export is not responsible for delays in parcel delivery caused by our participating ocean shipping companies or airlines, or parcels
retained by customs offi ces. The date of delivery of parcels sent during this period may be extended. Due to limited space we cannot
guaranteed air parcels received after the dates shown above. Guaranteed delivery times will return after January 1, 2020.

NOTE: Shipment must be delivered to the warehouse in Linden, NJ by the dates listed above.

Doma Export Company, Inc.

When calling this company, please reference POLISH AMERICAN PAGES.

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