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The 2019 Miss Immigrant Gala Pageant in New York City

23 października, 2019

The 2019 Miss Immigrant Gala Pageant in New York City

Watson hotel, October 25, Watson hotel, NYC.

Lighting, DJ, Live singers, samba & bachata performances, top photographers, videos interviews, appetizers, wines, free beer and beautiful 2020 Miss & Mrs. contestants will be crowned to represent the Immigrant community.

You are invited to Miss Immigrant 2019 Gala Pageant

Join Us To Celebrate The National Immigrant's Day

6:00 PM, Doors open for The biggest Immigrants Business Networking after work and stay for the pageant.
Network after work with other Immigrant, International Business Owners, Professionals and Enterperneurs.

8:30 PM, The Miss Immigrant contestants will share their immigrant stories,

- Live performances,
- Contestants Presentations,
- Crowning the 2020 Miss & Mrs. Immigrant,

10.30 PM After party


Air LIVE to millions viewers via BronxNet, Face News Group. And covered by bilingual English/Spanish TV show, "Esto Es Impactante", which airs every Sunday at 6pm through the Bronxnet TV Network, Bronx Culture Channel: Optimum Channel 69 and Verizon Fios Channel 35 to millions viewers.