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Polish Day in LA, Long Beach 2019 Festival

13 czerwca, 2019

Polish Day in LA, Long Beach 2019 Festival

It is going to be an amazing day promoting Polish culture with lots of attractions!!!

Polish Day in LA, Long Beach 2019.
June 15th, Saturday, from 2:00PM to 10:00PM

Celebrating 30 Years of Free Poland

Come with your loved ones, family and friends to enjoy Polish music, delicious treats, good beer, and fun for the whole evening. There will be not only entertainment but also an art exhibit featuring Polish artists and art-works as well as a unique presentation of Polish theatrical and movie posters.

There will be a small Polish-American community beauty contest where one of the most impressive Polish ladies will be honored with the title of Miss Polonia California!

There will be a contest for those who can learn to pronounce some of the most difficult Polish phrases.

That’s not all!
All evening long the Polka, Oberek and Polonez dance classes will be offered. Yes, the friendly instructors will be waiting for new brave students.

Fun, entertainment and a professional atmosphere is the goal here. Over 15 Polish-California institutions and Organizations, will be working hard to make sure everyone has a great time!

A dance party will be the grand finale of the night. Along with the latest Polish hits, and many great dancers you will be having a blast!

Hope to see you all on this special Saturday, June 15th!
Let’s turn LA into one Polish Day – just this one night!

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