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EU Open House with Photon robots in Washington, DC

13 maja, 2019

EU Open House with Photon robots in Washington, DC

On Saturday our Polish Embassy took part in the EU Open House

We joined the other European Union embassies in Washington, DC in opening our doors to visitors for the day.

Guests got a first-hand experience of Polish culture in the longest serving embassy in the same building in Washington. The Polish company Photon, which produces interactive robots that teach children the fun of programming, demonstrated Polish innovation first-hand. Photon robots were dressed as famous figures from Polish-American history such as Casimir Pulaski, Ignacy Jan Paderewski and US President Woodrow Wilson.

In our Embassy’s Blue Salon guests could listen to Polish-born pianist Martin Labazevitch, who performed classic Polish melodies on our historic piano. Our visitors had the chance to meet and take pictures with Ambassador Wilczek as well as see the Ambassador’s office. An essential part of famous Polish hospitality, traditional Polish food from our Embassy kitchen was provided for visitors.

On display outside was the new exhibit on the “Polish Declarations of Admiration and Friendship for the US,” a collection of 111 volumes of wishes from Poles to the United States for the 150th anniversary of the US Declaration of Independence. This was a special way we commemorated the centennial of diplomatic ties between Poland and the United States at this year’s open house. The event was a great celebration of Polish culture, history, and friendship with the other EU countries and the US.

Thank you to everyone who visited and made it another successful

Embassy of the Republic of Poland
in Washington D.C.
2640 16th St NW
Washington, DC 20009