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The Best European Windows and Doors for Winter in the US

21 września, 2019

The Best European Windows and Doors for Winter in the US

We offer high-quality windows and doors in US. We love making our customers happy and making their homes extraordinary. Warmth, silence and comfort will certainly be ensured by high-quality windows and doors that are available here. All our products are custom made to fit your needs.

We provide fenestration solutions for projects of all types. We pride ourselves not only on the quality of the products we offer but also the relationships we establish with our clients. We have manufactured high-quality products for over a quarter of a century. Our attractive catalog of products enables clients to find exactly the windows they need and want. We are committed to assisting you in choosing the best solutions that work for you by offering a diverse selection of fenestration options. Whether you are looking for the higher performing Passivhaus windows, modern luxury windows or affordable PVCu, we will confidently walk you through the decision process.

We are located in Brooklyn, NY and have worked with clients across North America. Each and every one of our windows and doors is custom made in our manufacturing plants in Europe and shipped directly to your job site.


  • High Performance

One of specialties is our thermal performance on our products. Each one of our lines has a product that may be used in high energy efficient buildings. These types of buildings can include:

  1. LEED
  2. Passive house (Passivhaus)
  3. Green buildings
  4. Net Zero homes 

Although we have many frames to achieve passive house requirements many of our standard frames will STILL out perform American windows. Many of our double pane windows will achieve U values below 0.28 which in the US is considered to be Energy star. The lower the number the better. 

  • High end luxury

Our aluminum, wood, wood-clad and steel lines all can be used in high end (luxury) builds. We can use these from to go for a contemporary look, modern, classic, etc. 


Making aluminum windows one of the best options on the market today. The advantages of aluminum are that they are durable, cost effective and can be painted or powder coated almost any color, they also have good noise reduction qualities.

  1. Ability to have thin sightlines
  2. Hidden sash
  3. Hidden hinge
  4. Minimalist
  5. Durable
  6. Hidden hinge option

Wood and Wood-clad

Wood and wood-clad windows are made from many species of trees. The advantages of wood is that it is a good insulator and has very low thermal conductivity. They also have good noise reduction qualities.

  1. Beautiful wood interior with different woods to choose from:
    1. Pine
    2. Meranti
    3. Oak
    4. Sapele
    5. Teak
    6. Iroko
    7. Mahogany
  2. Added cladding can enhance the appearance from the exterior as well as add protection. The cladding also come in different styles.


Steel windows is derived from the incredibly massive strength of the material. The aesthetic virtues achieved by use of steel cannot be duplicated in aluminum, wood or uPCV alternatives. The look of steel windows and doors is not simply distinctive, it is unique. Differentiators:

  1. Thin sightlines
  2. Very durable
  3. The aesthetics of steel is hard to match
  4. Durable

Single Family homes

Single family homes can benefit from any one of our frames. It comes down to their budget and what they are looking for in a window.


Multi-families can also benefit from any one of the systems.

u PVC in a multifamily is a create budget friendly options that will give you the best price to performance ratio. We are able to use a large variety of colors and wood grain texture foils.

Wood and wood-clad can also be used. These may be a pricier option. Few things should be considered when using full wood windows. Full windows may require extra maintenance from the exterior to keep the windows looking good.


Steel is the highest priced item and will work for multi-families with higher Budgets.


Depending on the type of commercial building we may be able to use any of the frames. See answers for multi-family.

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