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Polish weekend in Western New York - 60 Million Conference in Buffalo

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Polish weekend in Western New York - 60 Million Conference in  Buffalo

On July 21st, 2018 the Buffalo area will host it’s first 60 Million Conference that will be part of the big Polish weekend in Western New York. The 60 Million Conference is a series of international gatherings of entrepreneurs connected to the Polish diaspora. The idea behind the congress is to integrate and connect professionals, executives and business leaders who are linked to Poland or Polish communities internationally. The name of the congress corresponds with the overall number of Poles and people of Polish descent that are located in the home country and all over the world which is over 60 Million.
The guiding intention of the congress organizers is to provide a meeting platform to exchange ideas, initiate discussions and provide solutions that will lead to further development of the Polish - American and international business relationships. In 2018 three editions of the conference are scheduled. The first one already took place on February 9-10 in Miami, Florida. The second one will be held at Buffalo, New York on July 21st and the third edition will be held on August 30-31 in the G2A Arena in Buffalo's sister city - Rzeszów, Poland. We strongly believe that the 60 mln Congress will constitute a platform for international and intergenerational communication, which in turn will promote a closer collaboration between the Polish, American and world wide communities. The celebration of 100 years of Polish Independence in 2018 is a great opportunity to discuss Poland’s position in the world today and it’s international relations especially in the context of global economics. It is also a great time to reignite the cooperation between Polonia's of the world.

The agenda of the event revolves around the panel formula, preceded by a introductory presentation. The topics covered throughout the conference will be focused on developing new ways of communication and cooperation between Polonia's of America. The discussion will be conducted by the Polonia leaders from over ten states that will be present at the event. The conference will also focus on promoting opportunities that New York State has to offer for Polish businesses looking to invest in the state as well as opportunities that Poland might present for New York companies in the European Union. Delegates form Rzeszów and the Podkarpackie region of Poland will engage with regional Western New York and Buffalo leaders and will try to find new ways of strengthening the cooperation between sister cities of Buffalo and Rzeszów. Other issues will deal with strengthening the Polish vote and the effectiveness of Polonia lobbying in America, the promotion of Polish culture, activism of women in Polonia and developing business opportunities for American entrepreneurs in Poland.
Some of the key note speakers will include Anna Maria Anders, The Plenipotentiary of the Prime Minister for International Dialogue, Krzysztof Przybył - the president of Teraz Polska foundation, Blanka Rosenstiel - President of American Institute of Polish Culture, Honorary Consul of Poland in Miami and more.
The conference is organized by Gram-X promotions and United Cultural Society with the support of General Pulaski Association, Cheektowanga Township, Podkarpackie Province, Pangea Network, Imprestor and G2A Arena in Rzeszów.
The event will be held at the Cheektowaga Senior Center located at 3349 Broadway, Cheektowaga, NY 14227. More information and registration can be found at www.60mln.pl.


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