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Embassy of the Republic of Poland on the Future of the Kosciuszko House in Philadelphia

30 marca, 2017

The Kosciuszko House in Philadelphia

Statement from the Embassy of the Republic of Poland

Please read the Embassy's statement regarding the Kosciuszko National Memorial in Philadelphia.

We are troubled by media reports regarding the possible closure of the Thaddeus Kosciuszko National Memorial in Philadelphia. Thaddeus Kosciuszko belongs to a renowned group of individuals who defended the independence of the United States of America. Statues of Kosciuszko can be found throughout the United States, including in such a prominent location as Lafayette Square next to the White House. It is our moral responsibility to cultivate the memory of this great Pole. 

The Embassy of the Republic of Poland remains in contact with representatives of the US Congress and the National Park Service regarding this issue. Ambassador Piotr Wilczek has signed the Kosciuszko Foundation’s petition opposing the closure of the National Memorial. Poland’s Honorary Consul in Philadelphia Deborah Majka has written an open letter. We will continue to monitor and assess what steps can be taken to assist in maintaining this important Memorial.

 We are confident that the situation surrounding the future of the Kosciuszko Memorial in Philadelphia will reach a positive conclusion. We appreciate the involvement of Polonia in this matter.

Embassy of the Republic of Poland

in Washington D.C.