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Evening honoring Professor Zbigniew Brzezinski, former National Security Advisor to President Jimmy Carter

30 marca, 2014

Renowned American political thinker and intellectual, former National Security Advisor to President Jimmy Carter, Professor Zbigniew Brzezinski was together with his wife a guest of honor at the residence of the Ambassador of Poland.

The special ceremony held on March 28 included a talk with Zbigniew Brzezinski led by the author of his biography, a screening of the documentary "The Strategist" directed by K. Kolendy-Zaleski and concluded with a surprise birthday cake to celebrate Zbigniew Brzezinski\'s 86th birthday.

"Although tonight\'s guest of honor needs no introduction, I would like to remind that as an American statesmen, intellectual and political thinker, prof. Zbigniew Brzezinski never forgot about his Polish roots" emphasized Ambassador Ryszard Schnepf in his remarks.

During a dynamic discussion between professor Zbigniew Brzezinski and professor Charles Gati, author of "Zbig: The Strategy and Statecraft" they spoke both of current developments in Ukraine and the geopolitical arena, as well as lesser known accounts from the life of the former National Security Advisor. Gathered guests had also an opportunity to learn among other things why the young Harvard profesor, who was granted the US citizenship in the early 1950\'s, decided not to change his name which is so hard to pronounce for so many Americans.

The screening of the documentary "The Strategist" by K. Kolendy-Zaleski which followed the discussion provided a great opportunity to reflect on the deeds of professor Brzezinski in shaping US foreign policy in the 1970s.

"It was a moving experience to watch a film about yourself during a very volatile historical period" remarked professor Brzezinski after the screening, expressing his joy that Poland was reborn as a democratic state.

The crowning event of the evening at the Ambassadors residence was a special surprise birthday cake prepared for the evenings\' honoree who celebrated his 86th birthday on March 28. True to Polish tradition, professor Brzezinski received a bouquet of flowers, warm birthday wishes, and all those gathered joined in in signing "Sto Lat", concluding this remarkable night.