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Before Your Dream Day Wedding

20 marca, 2014

Russo's On The Bay New York. Tel: 718-843-0702, www.russosonthebay.com
Russo's On The Bay New York. Tel: 718-843-0702, www.russosonthebay.com

As you begin your search for the perfect destination for your wedding, you deserve to have all the details thought through for you.

Some catering halls are so eager to get you to sign a contract, you might feel that you didn't get all of your questions answered. At Russo's On The Bay in New York, we asked our Bridal Consultants what the most common questions from our brides are to help you with your research. Remember, the most important thing is to find a place that suits you and your fiance's style and personality. The most memorable weddings start with great planning.

What’s included in the price?
It’s important to understand what is covered in the pricing and what you will be responsible for. Many catering halls charge extra for certain options such as valet parking or use of the bridal suite and it is important to understand the total cost of your reception.

What’s on the menu and how much can I customize?
What types of menu offerings does your catering hall have and how many options will your guests have? This helps to narrow down which locations are the best fit for your guest list.

What options do I have to save money?
Often, you can save money by selecting a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Sunday for a wedding instead of a Friday or Saturday. If you haven’t set a date, let the consultant you work with help you choose a date that fits your wedding budget.

Does you catering hall offer tastings?
This is important because in order to know the quality of the food you serve your guests, you should be able to taste it at some point. Some places do not allow tastings (even after you’ve signed the contract), making this an important thing to know before you place a deposit.

Which bakery do you use for your cakes and desserts and how much can I customize my cake choices?
You want your wedding cake to be as unique as you are and, as the centerpiece of your wedding reception, it’s essential that your wedding cake look and taste incredible. Be sure that you have an opportunity to taste cake flavors, customize colors and select the cake that will represent your unique personality. A catering hall with an in-house bakery can also save you money! Keep that in mind while you work out your budget.

How long have you been in business and do you have reviews or ratings that I can see?
Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and you wouldn’t leave it to just anyone, would you? New, trendy places might seem nice, but make sure you verify that the place you choose can deliver on their promises.

Can I see your kitchen and preparation facility to ensure my guests will get the very best?
When every detail has to be perfect, finding out how the kitchen prepares the food is important. Is it cooked the day of the event? Are the ingredients fresh? Are you using frozen or hand-prepared dishes?

What valet service is your catering hall using?
It’s essential to know how your catering hall’s valet service works. Do they hire and train the staff or do they use an outside service? It could be costing you much more to use the catering hall’s preferred valet service over a company with in-house service.

How many years of experience do the management and staff have at the catering hall?
Will you be trusting your event to newly-trained staff members or will you be working with dedicated, experienced professionals with several years’ experience in management and catering? Find out early to prevent any unforeseen disasters!

How does your catering hall select and train staff members? How do they ensure adequate staff for your party?
Some catering halls will hire just about anyone. Make sure that your catering hall has a proven hiring process that weeds out bad apples to prevent any disasters that may occur with inadequate staffing. Also, be sure that your event will be staffed thoroughly and have several management members at each party to ensure excellence in service.

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