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The Backdrop of Polish Democracy – Kulisy polskiej demokracji

07 lipca, 2019

The Backdrop of Polish Democracy – Kulisy polskiej demokracji

The first book of this type on the Polish book market.

Specialist in biocybernetics, investigating social processes, uncorrupted and ideological politician and international political scientist - author of the book "Polish Semi-democracy" (Polska semidemokracja” made contact and decided to write a book together under a very intriguing title: "The Backdrop of Polish Democracy. Citizen towards the State. " (Kulisy polskiej demokracji. Obywatel wobec panstwa). The book will be published in august this year in the publishing house PAFERE in Warsaw.

Why is the book important to read? Is the composition of the authors a sufficient argument to buy and read it? How do they see - otherwise well-known authors - the political decision-making process in Poland and the whole phenomenon, which is called the polish democracy? Have they proposed such a model for the better Poland? Is the constructive criticism of the authors really justified and has strong background?

Each of the three co-authors writes about what is most important for him in the polish social life and tries to define the deeper causes of today's dysfunctionality of polish democracy. They wonder about what determined polish politics after 1989 and how does this affect its depreciation today. Is it only the fault of the collective imagination of politicians, or their inability to face difficult tasks?

Are we able - as a civil society - to go beyond the existing visions of development and imagine who do we want to be and how could our country look in the near future? How to create a real democracy without turning everything upside down? What assumptions in politics should be rethought and what language should be said about it?

The book is not only a critique of the existing political system in Poland, but also, and perhaps above all, an invitation to reflect on how to get out of the current political clinch and hypocrisy.

What is special in the book "The Backdrop of Polish Democracy”?

The greatest advantage of this publication is the unplanned convergence of the views of co-authors. They met by chance, and decided to publish together a book - a obligatory reading for every Pole who is concerned with the good of our country, every Pole, regardless of his views.

In principle, each of the authors wrote something different, but all of them are talking about the same: as it is, it cannot be further, because sooner or later it will lead to a catastrophe.

Where can you buy a book? We ask for a little patience, it will be released in a few weeks.

  • Title: Kulisy polskiej demokracji. Obywatel wobec panstwa.
  • Authors: Jan Kubań (biocybernetics), Mirosław Matyja (political scientist), Janusz Sanocki (politician) 
  • Publisher: PAFERE Warsaw 2019
  • Publication series: Biblioteka Rządzących i Rządzonych
  • Distribution: QBS sp. O.o.