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Review: Demigod - PC - 8.3

19 czerwca, 2009

A great evolution on the gameplay conventions that Defense of the Ancients introduced to the RTS genre.

Defense of the Ancients is one of the leading reasons behind why Warcraft 3 has persisted as one of the most popular strategy games to ever grace the PC market. Focusing on single heroes that fight in an arena-like setting, the mod offers intense rpg-like action that few other games have replicated. Fortunately, Gas Powered Games has picked up the slack and released a relatively big-budget project named Demigod inspired by the mod. Despite some issues, it is an addictive, streamlined experience that is sure to grab and hold the attention of rts fans.

You take the role of one of 8 demigods as they battle it out for control over an exotic-looking arena while AI-controlled reinforcements duke it out. There is no story mode, but given its inspiration\'s multiplayer roots, that\'s not too surprising.
Each Demigod has access to a variety of different spells, buffs, and attacks. Each demigod can level up during a match, giving you a surprising degree of customization. The demigods are divided into generals or assassins, with the former being focused on commanding troops while the latter play as action RPG heroes. There\'s quite a bit of variety between each demigod, insuring that there\'s something for every type of playstyle.

There is a light base-building/upgrade element that adds on to the gameplay and doesn\'t make it more cumbersome. You can purchase gear and items that even further enhance your demigod\'s abilities on the battlefield. These are bought with gold that is earned when you defeat other demigods or capture territory. Whilst it may make the game seem complex, the options are presented in very digestible chunks as a round plays out. Besides Skirmishes, there\'s a tournament mode that pits you against the AI, adding that much more value to the package.

While there has been some controversy as to how buggy and unstable Demigod\'s net code was at launch, as this review is evaluating the game in its present state, we are able to say that there are no significant connection issues that have persisted into the present.

Demigod is a beautifully presented game. Based on the colorful visuals, the pounding soundtrack, and the clean interface, it is apparent that Gas Powered Games has benefited from its partnership with Stardock.

At the surface, Demigod looks simple. But spend a few hours with it, and you\'ll uncover a deep, but well-presented experience that can satisfy many gamers with its highly-addictive multiplayer modes.

Score Breakdown:

Gameplay: 8.5 – Great mix of action-rpg and RTS gameplay that can appeal to the masses.

Presentation: 8.5 – Definitely a huge step up from what we\'ve seem from Chris Taylor\'s previous efforts.

Graphics: 8.5 – Colorful, artistic visuals that don\'t require a godly PC to run.

Sound: 8.0 Distinctive effects with a pounding soundtrack.

Value: 8.0 – While there isn\'t a surplus of content here, what is included can provide hours of fun.

Final Score: 8.3 – A great evolution on the gameplay conventions that Defense of the Ancients introduced to the RTS genre.

Marcin Skok
"The Gaming Corner