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Review: Devil May Cry 4 - PC, PS3, Xbox 360 (PC Version Review) - 8.1

13 lipca, 2008

A competent port with some nifty added features over the console versions. NOTE - You probably need a gamepad...

Capcom has recently been giving the PC a lot of love with numerous multiplatform releases usually featuring PC-specific enhancements. While the quality of ports tends to vary (see Resident Evil 4 vs Lost Planet) it is refreshing to see a developer recognize the PC as another platform where they could release their games. While initially announced as a Playstation 3 exclusive, Capcom quickly added Xbox 360 and PC release dates for Devil May Cry 4. Even though the PC version took a little longer to release, PC gamers will be rewarded with added gameplay features and a better visual presentation.

DMC4 is a third-person action game that makes use of a range of movements, attacks, and combos that allow you to kill a multitude of demons. The game is the same fast-paced action title that graced the Xbox 360 and PS3 several months ago and is a great game for fans of previous titles in the series, but is unlikely to convert anyone who disliked them.

The technical side of the port is done extremely well. Using our 9800GTX-equipped system (a $200 card), we could barely detect any stutters with the game quality settings ratcheted up to their highest values and AA applied. The engine is allegedly the same one used for Lost Planet, and it is apparent that many optimizations have taken place since that game\'s PC debut. This only increases our confidence in Capcom\'s other upcoming PC releases like the new Bionic Commando.

Gameplay-wise, there\'s a "Legendary Dark Knight" difficulty mode that more than doubles the amount of enemies on screen. Mind you, this is obviously for only the most hardcore of DMC players. Even though the PC\'s general audience wouldn\'t normally have the experience to play with this mode, perhaps the reasoning was to encourage console players to try this game and others on the PC. Unfortunately, the game doesn\'t support the mouse as in RE4\'s port, although it is understandable considering a gamepad would be best-tailored for this game. The Xbox 360 controller works without difficulties.

DMC4 is essentially the same game released on consoles in the spring, though we give much kudos to Capcom for taking the time to optimize their engine so drastically and adding PC-specific features. This is undoubtedly the premiere version of the game.

Gameplay: 8.0 - Same basic gameplay as in previous installments of the franchise. Mouse is unsupported, but you might as well get a controller if you want to play this game competently.
Presentation: 8.0 - Optimized effects run on all systems, menus don\'t suffer from consolitis. Cutscenes are fun to watch.
Graphics: 8.5 - Featuring amazing lighting and particle effects, the game\'s engine has been optimized to the point that it can run on sub-$200 hardware maxed out at common resolutions.
Sound: 8.0 - Decent music and environmental sound effects, but nothing to call home about.
Value: 8.0 - The Legendary mode can offer you a bit more challenge after you finish the game and get used to the mechanics.

Final Score: 8.1 - The premiere version of the game, Capcom shows how Console-to-PC ports should be done.

Marcin Skok
The Gaming Corner