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Review: Command and Conquer 3: Kane\'s Wrath - PC, Xbox 360 - 8.2

03 kwietnia, 2008

For better or for worse, Kane\'s Wrath preserves the C&C3 formula and adds several new units, tactics, and a confusing single player campaign...

The Command and Conquer series just keeps expanding. With the announcement of Red Alert 3 and the release of Kane’s Wrath, EA has been pushing its C&C fever upon its fans. Kane’s Wrath is an expansion to last year’s hit Tiberium Wars.

To start off, the story in the campaign of this installment is much more disjointed than the one in the rest of the games, as it jumps through several parts of the Tiberium storyline. The first act takes place between the second and third Tiberium Wars, whereas the second act jumps to events that took place during C&C3. While it sounds like an interesting idea, the story is definitely worse than the one in the rest.

You play as the Nod faction through the entire campaign, which disappointingly fails to capitalize on the Scrin. In general the gameplay is identical to previous installments of the series. It\'s fast-paced, fun, and eminently playable. However, the design of the campaign is sporadic, part of which is great, and another that is poorly designed.

Kane’s Wrath’s most appealing addition is the new subfactions. For the most part, the subfactions aren\'t radically different from their vanilla counterparts, but they bring some subtle and interesting additions and changes to the battlefield. Some tweaks and additions do introduce some radical change, but the vast majority are insignificant. Among the changes, the factions get superunits with powerful attacks. But they are quite expensive and could easily be swept up in the fast-paced gameplay.

Kane’s Wrath also introduces Global Conquest, a Risk-like turn-based mode. However, it’s pretty disappointing and simple. There isn’t much depth in the gameplay as you take over boring-looking territories in simple turn-based movements.

Kane’s Wrath is a sufficient expansion, but it disappoints in some respects. The new Risk-based mode and campaign aren’t too worthwhile, whereas the breadth of gameplay additions and new maps should satisfy diehard C+C plans. However, this definitely isn’t Kane’s finest hour…

Presentation: 8.5 - The cutscenes get a little TOO cheesy, and the story is a bit TOO confusing. Acting talent is much less exhibited here than in the previous installment.
Graphics: 8.5 - Nice, colorful units and environments, efficient and fast engine.
Sound: 8 - Not many additions when compared to Tiberium Wars.
Gameplay: 8 - Not looking to innovate, it preserves the Command and Conquer gameplay mechanics with some new unit additions.
Value: 8 - The Single player and turn-based Global Conquest mode won\'t hold your attention for long, but the new units will make you rethink your multiplayer strategies.

Final Score: 8.2 - A slightly disappointing expansion which at least succeeds to change the makeup of units and add several factions to the game.

Marcin Skok
"The Gaming Corner"