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Trailer of the Week: The Little Prince, Call of Duty, or The Witcher?

26 kwietnia, 2015

Another week, another bunch of great trailers. This time, we’ve got a sampling from across games and film, both high budget and independent.

Another week, another bunch of great trailers. This time, we've got a sampling from across games and film, both high budget and independent.

The Little Prince - International Trailer 2

A beautiful trailer that showcases the different art styles that denote The Little Girl's experience becoming a friend with The Aviator and the tale of The Little Prince that he recounts to her. Strikingly, this trailer communicates the entire lesson of The Little Prince quite well, and yet there is so much more to see.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III - "Ember" Tease

Brace yourselves, a new Call of Duty is coming, along with the massive and ornate marketing ballet that dances beside it. The "Ember" tease is an impressively produced sequence which could have probably paid the salaries of any smaller, independent developer. The storytelling here is very clear and linear, with years signposting humanity's increasing comfort with technological augmentation. Obviously, things don't go well and the game presumably picks up the story of the "supersoldiers" whose existence the United States government so strongly denies.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - "Precious Cargo" quest walkthrough 


The confidence of CD Projekt Red to show so much of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is quite staggering. Then again, it probably helps when your game adds up to a hundred hour experience. The content is an astute choice, for the quest is not critical to the main plot and yet charmingly communicates what you'll experience from the "day-to-day" of being a Witcher. The editing team didn't have much to do here, but that takes nothing away from the confidence of the video and the team as the launch date draws near.

Trailer of the Week

The Little Prince International Trailer 2

From beginning to end, The Little Prince trailer retells the story of a growing girl slowly rediscovering what it means to be a child through the story of the Little Prince. The trailer smartly gives glimpses of the beautiful art style of the story that The Aviator narrates, tantalizing us to want to re-experience the ups and downs of the adventure that is already so dear to our hearts. The soul of the film radiates through its trailer. This is the epitome of what such media aims to accomplish.

Marcin Skok
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