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Kosciuszko Foundation Calls For Recall of Game with the Phrase "Nazi Poland"

25 kwietnia, 2015

The Kosciuszko Foundation: The American Center for Polish Culture is considering taking action against toymaker Mattel, for selling a game called "Apples to Apples" that rewrites Holocaust history by erroneously referring to "Nazi Poland." Nazi Germany invaded Poland in 1939 and killed 6 million Polish citizens during World War II.

The Foundation urges Mattel products to recall all 3 million copies of the game in circulation and issues an apology to Poland and Polish-Americans.

"Clearly there are worms in this apple. Mattel is feeding historically poisoned apples to American children," said Alex Storozynski, Vice Chairman of the Foundation."

Kosciuszko Foundation President and Executive Director, said, "Everyone offended by this gross iniquity should write, email and tweet Mattel to express their outrage and demand that the company apologizes and recall their product."

The Foundation is considering all options unless Mattel recalls the game and apologizes.



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