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The Brain - Open Lab, Digital Memory Workshop

19 lutego, 2015

This workshop is devoted to data gathering, human memory, and the workings of the brain.

Multimedia artists and programmers from Poland, Germany and France will take part in The Brain – Open Lab.

The event will be hosted by the gallery of the Polish Institute in Berlin.

During the workshop, which will kick off in the German capital on 20 February and run for a month, artists and programmers will create a common interactive installation. Their guiding theme will be archiving as a form of digital memory. The fruits of the workshop will be presented at the 4th International Independent Videogames Festival A MAZE. / Berlin. 

As part of The Brain - Open Lab, the Polish Institute in Berlin’s gallery will also host a series of discussion panels on saving and storing data, building digital and virtual networks, using rational and emotional memories, the future of digital archives, and open knowledge.

The project’s curator is Thorsten S. Wiedemann, director of the A MAZE. festival.

The project has been set up by the Polish Institute in Berlin and the Institut français Deutschland in cooperation with A MAZE. Partner institutions include the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, the Polish Embassy in Berlin, the International Games Week,  Berlin meets Poland, and the Trade and Investment Section of the Polish Embassy in Berlin.

To learn more about the participants and programme, please visit.

You can find more news about Polish science and innovations on the website Polska.pl, winner of the Mobile Trends Award 2014 for the best mobile portal.

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