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Polish journalist commentary on NYTimes anti-Polish article

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New York Times (May 3rd,2006 issue) published interview with Polish TV journalist Kazimiera Szczuka who claimed she was victim of so called Polish anti-Semitism.

That interview was next reprinted by another popular American newspaper International Herald Tribune. In Poland Kazimiera Szczuka was criticized for ridiculing and mimicking of young disable woman on wheelchair Magda Buczek who organized yard rosary prayers. Those prayers were next broadcasted by catholic Radio Maryja and TV station TRWAM and became very popular among young Polish catholics. Above mentioned criticism had nothing common with Kazimiera Szczuka alleged Jewish descent. I am an old client and friend of her father Stanislaw Szczuka who is excellent Polish lawyer. I can confirm that his daughter Kazimiera Szczuka was born in
catholic family and was christened as a kid by well known catholic priest. Although, family of her mother Winawer has Jewish roots but it was polonized, as well as, converted into catholicism many generations ago. So, neither Polish catholic criteria nor Jewish orthodox one let accept her as a Jewish lady.

Ultimately, she could be recognized as Jewish-Arian mix according to Nazi Nurnberg law. Unfortunately, she told nothing about her family history to American journalist. On the other hand, she can also claim she is a Polish aristocrat, because Szczuka is well known historical name of Polish landlords. As she joined leftist and feminist movement, Jewish roots are more convenient for her, that's why she prefers to demonstrate her Jewish heritage. Her family recognizes her as a rebel and a troublemaker. Once, she even accused her father of anti-Semitism what is pure nonsense. So, why those absurdities are used by American liberal media to smear Polish nation?
Let's presume for a moment that Kazimiera Szczuka feels happy as Jewish but not as Polish. It's her choice. During WWII Nazis
captured some number of Polish kids who according to their criteria had Arian-Nordic features from Polish parents. Those children
were born from Polish families but became later Germans. My parents' neighbor Jerzy Vogel, once well known Warsaw lawyer, had German roots but during WWII he refused to sign Volksliste to confirm he was German because he felt Polish. Nazis took revenage and sent the whole Vogel family to KL Auschwitz. We cannot expect such patriotism from Kazimiera Szczuka but even if she feels Jewish she is not empowered to humiliate and ridicule Polish catholics. We all believe in peaceful coexistence of various ethnic and religious groups. The basic rule of such democratic and civilized world should be respecting of each other culture. We cannot accept such behaviour like Kazimiera Szczuka one. In another time she announced in public that she christened her dog. Could you imagine reaction of Jewish
communities if some anti-Semite made known that he/she circumcised his/her dog. Everybody could watch angry but justified reaction of Moslems all over the world when some irresponsible Western newspaper published cartoons ridiculing prophet Mohammed. If Kazimiera Szczuka does not feel Polish in society that is predominantly catholic she should behave like a gest in foreign country and at
least respect her host. I would like to advise her to go to Israel where they can show her how to respect nation, as well as, religion.


Antoni Zambrowski