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Dear Greenpoint Polish Dads, Love Your Polish Greenpoint Influencers

Urszula Makowska     June 14, 2019

Urszula Makowska
Urszula Makowska

Jessica Markowski and Urszula Makowska both Greenpoint natives acknowledge the generation of hard working Polish fathers who emigrated from Poland to Greenpoint with aspirations to achieve the American Dream that has not been broken due to gentrification in Greenpoint.

GREENPOINT, BROOKLYN, JUNE 13, 2019 - With 2019, Greenpoint, Brooklyn has become one of the most desirable neighborhoods in New York City impacting the Polish culture in the town that was the third biggest Polish population of immigrants outside of Chicago and Warsaw. From working blue collar jobs to being fathers, they have provided families with unconditional love, support and security. Being two of the most influential polish key figures  published in Pudelek, Elle Polska, MTV, Huffington Post, Vogue Brazil, Mashsable, E! News, etc., since 1993 in the Greenpoint community, Jessica Markowski and Urszula Makowska have a lot to thank every Greenpoint father including their own fathers for their success and their futures to come.

With rents rising and Polish stores going out of business, tenants have been and are being terminated out of their residences. Luxury Buildings and new forms of businesses have dominated the once known Polish area with Polonez, Wedel, Mazur and Stevens Meat Market disappearing off the map. Polish fathers were the ones working the businesses while providing their families with the American Dream never expecting to come to a closure. With this, comes the rise of the importance of influencers.

Jessica Markowski. Foto: Instagram

“I just want to take a minute to appreciate you for Father's Day. You came to America and really created such a beautiful life for our whole family. Coming to Greenpoint, Brooklyn, we had a Polish community of our own. Everyone in the neighborhood worked tremendously hard to make it in America. You have worked more than anyone I know. You traveling the United States as a truck driver from east to west coast accumulating 5+ million miles under your seat by foot, barely speaking english, barely having a chance to see us, barely getting a break, you made me the person I am today. You worked hard to make our lives better and I want to just take a moment to thank you. Thank you for being you. Thank you for giving me all that you did. The older I get, the more I realize how significant of a sacrifice you have made to be where we are today. Luckily, America has turned out to be the best opportunity for our whole family. Yes, it is sad to see our neighborhood disappear due to rent  increases but we are still thankful for the old neighborhood we had and I am forever thankful for the support everyone gave each other throughout their journey in the unknown. Thanks to your hard work, we are all living a true American Dream story. Thank you!” (Jessica Markowski).

“My father came to Greenpoint, Brooklyn with $100 in his pocket. At the time rent was at about $400 a month. On every corner, you would only see a Polish native. You met my beautiful mother, your wife, and love of your life in the heart of Driggs Avenue in Greenpoint. You married four months later and had me unexpectedly in October of 1994. There has always been tears in my eyes for what you have both sacrificed and done for me.  Being born and raised in Greenpoint, you, father, have worked as a finisher for me to have a roof over my head and a future that you did not see yourself as having any longer, while your wife aka my mom that was there to raise me. Most polish immigrants either worked in construction or became cleaning ladies, but not you. We could have bought the house in Greenpoint for $300,000 at 188 Calyer Street at the time. Sometimes you may not realize it, but you have done a lot and provided me with the future you saw for yourself. Greenpoint has left us all heart broken. It was our home and it will always continue to be our home. You may have not bought the house in Greenpoint, but you have bought a house in Queens, not for yourself, but for me to continue on the family legacy of being a Polish American from Greenpoint. I love you and always will no matter how much my heart breaks seeing Greenpoint change so much from walking with my bestfriend Jessica Markowski on the Streets of Bedford Avenue laughing about “pennies” in polish to crying over our separation from Greenpoint due to the rising rent that was no longer affordable. Short, story, short, I forever love and value Greenpoint as my home, but mostly I love you as my father who has dedicated and has given up so much for me to be who I am today. I am proud of you. We are together Polish American from Greenpoint” (Urszula Makowska).

Urszula Makowska. Foto: Instagram

With Greenpoint in popular demand among the hippies, the Polish community continues to thrive. The history behind the neighborhood will never be erased and the current generation will continue on the family legacy thanks to the fathers of the neighborhood. It may change, but memories will not be erased or forgotten.

Vogue Brazil

Jessica Markowski is a model, actress and social media influencer. She has been in shows such as Gossip Girl, Royal Pains and has been in commercials for H&M, Conair and Poland Spring. With over 180,000 followers, Jessica shares her journey as an artist and love for fashion and beauty.

Urszula Makowska is a popular social media influencer, fashion blogger, and actress based in NYC. She is best known for role on MTV’s Show Catfish, filming a follow up to the original episode in 2017. Her focus is on dark, edgy style, and she’s accumulated an Instagram following of over 135,000 with her unique take on fashion and reality television. 

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