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MARK’S Story of SI Join Derangement

Mark, a fitness enthusiast and father of two, had always led an active and fulfilling life. However, everything changed when he started experiencing persistent pain in his lower back and hip area. This pain was so severe that it began to interfere with his daily activities, eventually preventing him from playing with his children or going for his usual morning runs. Desperate to find a solution, Mark consulted various doctors and tried multiple treatments, but nothing seemed to alleviate his pain. That was until he learned about a promising combination therapy for sacroiliac (SI) joint derangement offered by Dr. Dariusz Nasiek, a highly skilled pain management specialist.

Eager to explore this new approach, Mark scheduled a consultation with Dr. Nasiek, who carefully evaluated his symptoms and medical history. After a thorough examination, Dr. Nasiek determined that Mark's pain was indeed caused by SI joint derangement and recommended a two-step treatment plan: SI joint injections, followed by a manipulation under anesthesia (MUA) procedure.

Mark, though initially hesitant, decided to proceed with the treatment plan. During his first appointment, Dr. Nasiek administered an SI joint injection, which involved injecting a combination of a local anesthetic and a corticosteroid directly into the affected joint. This treatment provided Mark with immediate relief, confirming that the SI joint was the source of his pain.

Several weeks later, Mark returned to Dr. Nasiek's clinic for the MUA procedure. This treatment involves gently manipulating the affected joint while the patient is under anesthesia, allowing the doctor to release any adhesions or scar tissue that may be contributing to the patient's pain. The procedure was minimally invasive and required only a brief recovery period.

After the MUA, Mark participated in a comprehensive physical therapy program designed to strengthen his muscles and improve his joint mobility. This combination of therapies proved to be highly effective, as Mark began to notice significant improvements in his pain levels and overall functionality.

As the weeks went by, Mark's pain continued to subside, and he found himself able to return to the activities he loved. He could once again play with his children and enjoy his morning runs, all thanks to the innovative combination therapy provided by Dr. Nasiek. Mark's experience serves as a powerful testament to the potential of SI joint injections and MUA in treating SI joint derangement.
Mark's story offers hope and inspiration to countless others who may be struggling with similar issues. The dedicated efforts of Dr. Nasiek and his innovative approach to pain management have truly transformed Mark's life, giving him the opportunity to live pain-free and reclaim the active lifestyle he once enjoyed.

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