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Kevin’s Story of Full Recovery From Low Back Pain, Percutaneous Discectomy

Dariusz J. Nasiek, MD - Accident Related Therapy & Pain Management
May 21, 2023

Kevin’s Story of Full Recovery From Low Back Pain, Percutaneous Discectomy

Kevin (not his real name) was a hardworking construction worker, dedicated to his job and respected by his colleagues. In his mid-30s, he never imagined that an accident at the construction site would leave him with debilitating lower back pain. This pain affected not only his work but also his daily life, making even the simplest tasks unbearable.

After struggling for days, Kevin decided to consult his primary care physician who ordered an MRI. The results revealed a herniated disc in his lower back, the cause of his excruciating pain. Kevin's physician referred him to Dr. Dariusz Nasiek, MD, a pain management specialist with expertise in minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS).

Dr. Nasiek carefully evaluated Kevin's condition and initially suggested a series of nerve block injections. These injections would help reduce the inflammation and pain, allowing Kevin to regain some of his strength and function.

Kevin followed Dr. Nasiek's recommendations and received series of epidural injections. To his delight, the injections provided significant relief, and he started to feel like himself again. However, the pain eventually returned, and Dr. Nasiek decided that it was time to proceed with the minimally invasive percutaneous disc procedure.

Dr. Nasiek reassured Kevin that the MISS technique would be less invasive, have fewer complications, and offer a quicker recovery time compared to traditional surgery. Trusting in Dr. Nasiek's expertise, Kevin agreed to undergo the procedure.

The day of the procedure, Kevin was both anxious and hopeful. Dr. Nasiek and his team thoroughly explained the process, ensuring that Kevin felt comfortable and informed. Using advanced imaging technology and a specialized needle, Dr. Nasiek accessed Kevin's herniated disc with precision, removing the disc material and reducing pressure on the affected nerve root.

Throughout the procedure, Kevin experienced minimal discomfort, and he was amazed at the smooth process. After the procedure, he received clear postoperative care instructions and a follow-up appointment with Dr. Nasiek.

In the weeks that followed, Kevin diligently adhered to Dr. Nasiek's recommendations, including rest, physical therapy, and a gradual return to activity. Each day, Kevin's pain decreased, and his strength returned. He was overjoyed with the results and grateful for the opportunity to avoid major surgery.

Kevin's family and coworkers were astounded by his rapid recovery and marveled at the power of minimally invasive spine surgery. They were grateful that he had avoided the complications and lengthy recovery associated with traditional surgery.

Within a few months, Kevin was back at the construction site, doing what he loved. He felt a renewed sense of purpose and appreciation for the second chance he had been given. Kevin often shared his story with others, spreading the word about the benefits of MISS and the exceptional care he received from Dr. Nasiek and his team.

Today, Kevin is a testament to the effectiveness of minimally invasive spine surgery and the life-changing impact it can have on those suffering from chronic pain. Thanks to Dr. Nasiek's expertise and the innovative MISS technique, Kevin was able to reclaim his life, return to work, and enjoy his favorite activities once again, all while avoiding major surgery and its potential complications.

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