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Your Lips can Be Improved or Restored to Their Younger State!

Dariusz J. Nasiek, MD - Medycyna Estetyczna / Aesthetic Medicine
May 17, 2021

Your Lips can Be Improved or Restored to Their Younger State!

Modern aesthetic medicine can both improve natural facial features and help them resist the passage of time. Thanks to modern techniques, we can slightly emphasize or significantly enlarge your lips, improve their contour, lift drooping corners, or restore lip redness.

For young people who want to enlarge their lips so they are voluptuous and sensual, we recommend fillers. This small procedure injects relatively large amount of hyaluronic acid into the lips. This leads to lip enlargement and increases lip firmness and volume.

For mature people who have lost their previously full lips, we recommend enlarging the contour of the lips with hyaluronic acid and lifting the corners - this will restore their previous appearance, add fullness and, at the same time, eliminate partially or completely wrinkles above the upper lip.

It is worth ensuring that our lips always look beautiful and sensual.

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