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Our April Fool's Day Joke! Botox Will not be Lacking any Time Soon... at Least at Dr. Nasiek’s Office

Ewelina Modrzejewska
April 02, 2021

Our April Fool's Day Joke! Botox Will not be Lacking any Time Soon... at Least at Dr. Nasiek’s Office

For those who were panicked by yesterday's information about the imminent lack of Botox, we would like to reassure you – it was just an April Fool’s joke made by us and Dr. Nasiek.

Dr. Dariusz Nasiek from the Aesthetic Medicine Clinic in Garfield, New Jersey has informed us that Botox was, is and will be available at his clinic at its original, low price.

Yesterday's April Fool's article piqued the interest of our readers for another reason: information about research in the use of Botox for treatment of depression, besides for the removal of undesirable wrinkles.

Read more about Botox and depression here: https://poland.us/strona,10,39856,0,botoks-leczy-z-depresja.html

We wish you all a happy and healthy Easter, and Dr. Nasiek another 20 years of beautifying the Polish community!

About April Fool's Day in Poland

This custom reached Poland from Western Europe in the 16th century. In the 17th century it began to be celebrated in a similar way it is celebrated today. This tradition has penetrated even the highest government circles - for example, when the anti-Turkish alliance with Leopold I Habsburg was signed on April 1, 1683, but was backdated to March 31, so that the date of April Fool’s was not shown on the document.

The first of April was devoted to telling imaginary stories, making all sorts of jokes and poking fun at naive or careless people. This day was considered frivolous and efforts were made not to do any important things in it. Today we celebrate the first of April as a joyful day in which people are deliberately misled in the name of good fun.

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