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Comprehensive Care Model of Treatment for Injured Patients - Monthly Conference

Dariusz J. Nasiek, MD - Accident Related Therapy & Pain Management
September 22, 2020

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On September 16th, 2020 Allied Neurology and Interventional Pain Practice, PC and Dr. Dariusz Nasiek, MD held their fourth monthly conference at Royal Warsaw Restaurant since the reopening of the restaurants after the covid pandemic. Coordinated by Melissa Spethmann and sponsored by Dr. Josh Rovner MD - Spine Surgery, Feras Jaloudi HUDSON RIVER RADIOLOGY and Paul Dantes, Dr. Nasiek presented on “The Rebuttal of the IME”, which was well received by those guests attending of both the medical and legal field.

Dr. Nasiek’s presentation focused on the documentation of treatments and tests—crucial elements of the comprehensive care model of treatment for injured patients—and stressed the importance of this topic in the protection of a patient’s right to be treated without interruptions and restrictions since proof of medical necessity lies in the lapse of the treating physician.

Prior to the heart of his presentation, Dr. Nasiek presented the definitions of terms such as medical necessity, clinically supported, causality and permanency, in order for his audience to have a better understanding of the subject at hand.

Tests and procedures are medically necessary when they are consistent with symptoms and the diagnosis and when they are clinically supported—when the treating physician personally and physically examined the patients, considered previous tests, and recorded said examinations in the patient’s medical record. Such definitions are held according to good practice standards of professional treatment protocol such as New Jersey Care Paths. Dr Nasiek continued to explain that medically necessary treatments are understood to be the most appropriate treatments and tests for the patient, not simply for the convenience of the patients nor riddled with unnecessary testing.

The issue of causality followed, with explanations on the differences between new injury versus pre-existing injury with aggravations in exacerbations, and how to perform the Polk Analysis.

Dr. Nasiek indicated that the IME physician’s responsibility is to review all of the treating physician’s notes, to perform proper examination, and to establish the proper diagnosis including reviewing the MRI studies and all other diagnostic and therapeutic tests, with a clear understanding of medical pathology. Failure of doing so disqualifies the IME examination from being a tool in evaluations and decision making of the court.

In his conclusion, Dr. Nasiek explained that his own major responsibility is to provide current examinations and re-examinations of patients following those highest standards of care, such as New Jersey Care Path for the Treatment of Spine Injury. Dr. Nasiek followed this by providing a brief discussion off his own thorough medical documentation, including DVD recording of each his surgical procedures. The presentation concluded with a discussion regarding the current medical situation in the country.

Apart from the deeply educational presentation provided, the medical and legal community alike enjoyed good food, comradery, and the space to discuss medical legal issues with peers. Responses to the event included the following: “It was wonderful to visit with esteemed specialists both medical and legal! It makes all the difference in the streamlining of access to quality care” and “Many thanks to you, Sara, and the other valued medical providers efforts for your ongoing dedication to safely and strategically foster community and collaboration and raise the quality of care in the medical legal community. Please know that your hospitality and great insights are sincerely appreciated during this unprecedented time.”

The great demand and exciting response in regard to Dr. Nasiek’s initiative will allow these monthly legal seminars to be continued. The next meeting is expected to be held on October 22, Thursday at the same place and at the same time. We have decided to change the dates for the days of the week from Wednesdays to Thursdays in order to accommodate those professionals who work late hours.

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