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XXII International Travel Show TT Warsaw, 27-29 Nov 2014

November 16, 2014

This show is the most important meeting place in Poland for the international and Polish tourism industry to establish business contacts.

Characteristic traits of TT Warsaw are the possibility to meet both individual and business customers and to promote Poland on the international scene.

Business customers
have a unique opportunity to attend business meetings of the international tourism environment and to establish valuable business contacts. It is the place of rewarding discussions which result in sharing your experiences and knowledge and, most of all, comparison of offers leading to the conclusion of new contracts and cooperation with companies from all over the world. This is why the first day of the show is dedicated exclusively for the industry and for business meetings.

Individual customers
can find inspiration for an enjoyable holiday – TT Warsaw promotes places, offers and tourist attractions in various locations (winter, autumn, Christmas and New Year holidays). What is more, the show is an excellent opportunity to learn something about traditions and cultures from over 60 countries:

  • traditional music
  • regional dances
  • traditional, national meals.

The second day of the show is open for all visitors, (those who have the tickets from LATO Fairs - enter free).

The third day of the show is dedicated for everyone.